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Why Photo Albums Still Matter in the Digital Age



Photo Albums Still Matter in the Digital Age

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A photograph has the ability to evoke sentimental and nostalgic memories. When displayed in elegant and stylish luxury photo albums, your favourite snaps have the power to take you back in time to endless happy days.

In the digital age, it’s possible to access photographs on mobile devices that store a large number of snaps. You can shoot and make instant memories with a mobile phone, or create high-quality images that offer permanence with a digital camera and inkjet printer technology.

While the digital age has certainly transformed the way in which images are captured, stored and preserved, it’s highly unlikely that the traditional and precious keepsake photo album will ever go out of fashion.

A Timeless Tradition

Although some people may think that flipping through the pages of a photo album is an old fashioned way to view photographs, it’s a charming and timeless tradition that will stand the test of time for many more decades to come.

While a mobile device can easily store hundreds of images, browsing your favourite photos on it, with your family and friends, can often feel like a chore. Viewing the digital images on a tiny screen takes the pleasure out of reliving the experiences that you’ve captured. All the clicking or swiping can also be rather tiring.

It’s simply not possible to evoke the same feelings of nostalgia, when you view images on a mobile device. Nothing beats the pleasure of cuddling up on a comfy sofa and flipping through the pages of a luxury photo book at your leisure.

Having a physical album that you can hold in your hands gives the viewing experience a sense of intimacy and occasion that sparks the imagination and prompts personal memories. With the turn of each page anticipation is heightened, and memories come flooding back.

A Precious Keepsake

Photo albums are highly valued items that are cherished and treasured as a precious and priceless keepsake. They typically contain images that capture the most special moments throughout a lifetime.

When a prized photo book is filled up, from cover to cover with snaps that capture happy memories of the good old days, they are often passed down through generations in a family.

This ever-lasting keepsake matters in the digital age because it preserves images that have been long forgotten, and keeps them looking pristine and instantly accessible for viewing pleasure. A keepsake album may contain images that date back decades, and that celebrate your family’s history.

Displaying your favourite photographs in luxury photo albums keeps happy memories as fresh and sharp as the day they were captured. Over time photos slowly disintegrate, can curl up at the corners or become discoloured. However, every photo that you display in the pages of a photo book remains in mint condition for generations.

Tell A Story

Archiving your favourite snaps in a beautiful and elegant photo album is an excellent way to preserve your history, and to share it with loved ones.

Dig out the vintage black and white photos, retro Polaroids and modern day snaps, and pick out the best images to feature in your keepsake album. If some of your favourite colour images of yesteryear are starting to look faded, you can use an app to colourise them and to make the photos look freshly captured. You can also easily digitise vintage photographs by snapping them with your smartphone.

It’s worth noting that not everyone you know is as tech savvy or active online as you, so they may not have access to the digital age memories that you choose to share.

If you have a variety of images that you love stored on your digital mobile device, print them so that you can include them in a story-telling arrangement.

If you’re creating a family photo album, pick photos in groups – birthdays, holidays, everyday stuff etc – and sort them into chronological order before arranging them in the pages of the personalised photo books.

It’s also a lovely idea to create a themed photo book for each member of your family, so that you have a collection of individual life stories.

A Lasting Legacy

To leave behind a lasting legacy for future generations, it’s essential that you preserve your favourite photographs. Digital photographs may be quick and easy to snap, but there’s no guarantee of their permanence. There’s a possibility that you could lose your favourite snaps forever, if you haven’t bothered to save them correctly.

Never rely on storing images on memory cards. Always use an external hard drive, to save photos, and back them up on the Cloud. It’s also worth burning your most important and special photos to CD, and to print them to display in stylish frames and photo books.

Gazing at photos on a tiny screen for hours is a cold and unemotional experience. Sifting through a box or drawer full of random snaps is much more warming. The best experience of all is to pick up a beautifully bound hardcover photo album and instantly reminisce with family and friends.

As you take a moment to interact with the images, on each page of the photo book, emotions will be triggered, making the experience of photo browsing even more special and enjoyable.

Every image that’s captured and preserved in luxury photo albums, speaks a thousand words and leaves behind a lasting legacy. In the digital age, it’s a great comfort to have an old fashioned memento that’s everlasting.

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