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Easy Method of Getting a Beard for a Picture



Easy Method of Getting a Beard for a Picture

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Such simple details, like having a beard can dramatically improve the image. While preparing for a photo shoot, it is possible to grow a beard, but not all people understand what is the best way of doing that. In some cases, it is easier to add a beard to a picture with the help of a simple software tool. People who are willing to go the hard route will achieve even better results and this is a guide on how to prepare a beard for a photo session. By using a couple of simple tips it is going to be not that hard to get a perfect shot from the first attempt.

Best Tricks That Make a Beard Look Good on Photos

When it comes to making a perfect picture, grandfather’s beard seems like a pretty good option. Especially if it is going to be clean and shiny. It is not necessary to use something sophisticated. In fact, only a little shampoo and a comb are needed for grooming. To create a healthy look, it is also possible to use a couple of drops of oil, because it will make beard shite on pictures.

But it is obviously not the only thing that should be done in order to make it all look extremely good in photo. Here are also a couple of other recommendations that should be taken into account:

  • Lighting. It is very important to focus attention on how good the beard looks and the best way of doing that is by illuminating it via lighting. It is recommended to use natural light, but when there is no opportunity of doing that, it is also possible to create a proper set with a number of artificial light sources. The best-case scenario is daytime sunshine through the window. It is easy to miss a golden hour, so be sure to prepare for it before the photo session.
  • The story behind the photo. It is possible to tell a story with the help of pictures. The best way of creating a story is by using a unique background with solid decorations. The most basic way is to have a vintage brick wall. It is also possible to experiment with bright colors. But in modern reality, it is possible to not get worried over it too much, because apps like RetouchMe allow you to not only add a beard itself but also to work with a background as well. The good background will add focus attention on the beard even more, which is why it is so important to use it.
  • Angles. One of the most important aspects of taking a picture with a beard is choosing a proper angle from which it is going to look very good. Such features, like beard lines and jawlines, should be shot from a higher level. Aim the camera by lifting it. It sounds harder than it can be done in reality. Getting a perfect shot will take only a couple of attempts in order to find a great enough angle from which the photo can be taken.

This is that simple – only a couple of handy tips are separating people from the perfect photo with a beard. It is recommended to not be scared of trying something new and such pictures are indeed unique and fresh. They will be perfect for social media.

Finishing Touch

The only thing that remains to be added to the final picture is the smile. Never forget about being attractive, which means there is no need to force yourself to be way too serious and tough. It will end up being creepy. The much better way to bring a good picture to life is by giving a million-dollar smile from one ear to the other. It will definitely provide a positive vibe to the photo.

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