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Where to Find A Therapist Online



Where to Find A Therapist Online

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Your mental health is vital to your well-being. Mental health encompasses your physiological and emotional states, determines how you handle stress and make choices, and reflects how well you cope with negative experiences and trauma.

Everyone has bad mental health days. Maybe it’s the stress of your job or a conflict within the family that has you depressed, anxious, or scared. Regardless of the cause, your feelings are valid and your mental health is important – you deserve support and care.

Sometimes that help means speaking with a professional therapist. But how to find one? It can feel like an overwhelming task, just one more stressor on your already strained mental health. There’s good news: Finding a therapist online has become easier than ever. Here are five practices to get you started in your journey to better mental health.

Lina Leyk Rådgivning

Lina Leyk Rådgivning focuses on helping people who face challenges with mental health, with a focus on children and young people, and families. For people seeking an alternative to a psychologist or a therapist in Oslo, Lina Leyk Rådgivning’s practice offers specialized help through counseling and guidance.

The philosophy of Lina Leyk Rådgivning is that no one should be stigmatized or faced with prejudice due to their difficulties. The practice accepts people from all walks of life and focuses on achieving unique contact with the clients, with solution-oriented outcomes.


BetterHelp pairs clients with a professional and licensed therapist that is vetted by the company to ensure all professionals are right for the job – and ready to help you. As one of the largest online networks of accredited therapists, BetterHelp’s mission is to offer “accessible, affordable, and convenient” mental health care to individuals in need. You can talk with your matched therapist in a way that best suits your communication style, such as messaging, text, or video calls.

Maria Valentin

Maria Valentin is a member of the Danish Psychotherapist Association and is a trained and certified psychotherapist and family therapist MPF. She works with young people and has extensive experience supporting children, including autistic children, young people and children who suffer from depression and anxiety, and children with ADHD and OCD; she is also involved in family counseling.

Nicholas Rose & Associates

Nicholas Rose & Associates is a practice located in West London and specializes in counseling and psychotherapy services. With a team of professional, compassionate, and accredited therapists, Nicolas Rose & Associates can connect with you in the way that suits you best, whether that is online or in person. Therapy is available in multiple languages, including English, Swedish, Spanish or Portuguese; Nicolas Rose & Associates prides itself on welcoming all people, with no discrimination of race, gender, disability, or religious beliefs.

Every member of Nicholas Rose & Associates is respectful of your privacy and autonomy and upholds your ability to make informed decisions about your health and treatment. The staff is here to make you feel welcomed, supported, and confident in choosing Nicholas Rose & Associates as your therapy provider.


Talkspace is an online therapy and counseling site that makes licensed therapists available to clients through secure online communications channels, including video chat and text messaging. With online services, clients can avoid commutes, inaccessible physical locations, and complicated scheduling with traditional practices.

Over 80% of clients claim that Talkspace is just as effective as in-person, traditional therapy visits. Comprehensive mental health options allow Talkspace to meet each individual’s needs for the best outcome. You can find out if your therapy or treatment is covered under your insurance by searching Talkspace’s list of providers.

Your Mental Health Matters

Whether you need face-to-face sessions or prefer talking to a therapist entirely online, there are options and professionals here to help you. You don’t have to struggle with your mental health alone.

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