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What is Important for a Healthy Lifestyle



What is Important for a Healthy Lifestyle

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Weight loss is not the only thing purpose of healthy living. Healthy living is much more than that, contrary to what many people think. People often equate healthy living to just weight loss, that they end up not eating healthy. It is ironic to lose one’s health in the pursuit of better health. Healthy living involves a lot of things. It is the accumulation of doing acts that are designed to boost, build and maintain good health of the body and the mind. It encompasses building and introducing habits or behaviors beneficial to the body and the mind.

You can never get enough posts about good health as it is one of the many lessons human beings have refused to learn due to no fault of ours. The world seems stacked against us in our pursuit of good health. Work and its related activities have taken most of our time. We don’t have much time for ourselves, our families, and our loved ones. Interestingly, we can’t afford to get sick from all the stress work piles on us. Sickness affects productivity, and productivity is key to staying ahead.

As if the odds aren’t against us enough, Covid 19 has added to it. We are now stuck at home, eating stale foods, not having many engagements except sitting around and working remotely. Inactivity negatively impacts our health. Also, many people have to contend with depression due to the social distancing protocols of Covid 19. Still, with the odds against us, we have to live healthily, and we will discuss in this post what you can do to live healthy even if you have a busy schedule.

What is Important for a Healthy Lifestyle

To live a healthy lifestyle, you must want it. You need to be dedicated as there a million excuses you can use if you choose to get out of living healthily. Your need and dedication are the most important things you need to pursue a healthy lifestyle. It is what the other activities will stand on. If you are not determined to live a healthier lifestyle, you wouldn’t be able to see through the different activities that make up healthy living. You have to convince yourself you want to enjoy the many benefits of healthy living and devote yourself to it.

These are what is essential for you to do if you want to start living healthy;

1. Water, Lots of Water

We will start with this because it looks easy to do, right? You would be surprised how wrong that assertion is. People don’t drink water. Rather, people drink sugary drinks instead. You would be surprised by why some people have for not drinking water. They say water makes them pee a lot. Off-course water would make you pee. It helps your kidneys with what they need to help the body get rid of metabolic wastes. If you inspect very well, you will notice that your pee when you drink lots of water is whiter and odorless instead of when you don’t drink water.

Some other reasons include that the required 8 glasses of water per day can be overwhelming. Well, that requirement is a myth, and it has been busted. You don’t need to drink 8 liters of water in a day. It could cause excess and make you lose your body’s sodium content. Rather than 8 liters, you need to focus on staying hydrated the whole day. Some studies prescribe that women should take 2.7 liters per day (11½ cups), and men should take 3.7 liters (15½ cups) per day. Others prescribe about 3 liters (13 cups) for men or a little above 2 liters (9 cups). The amount of water you take depends on the temperature. It’s best to sip water now and then stay hydrated throughout your day.

When you are in the office, have bottled water close to you in your workstation so you can remember to sip water while working.

2. Diet

You might want to take the junk food out of your house now and trash them. We were kidding! Although you have to reduce your junk intake. Your schedule, among other things, is preventing you from exercising as you should. Binging on junk food makes the situation worse as you would consume more calories than you are losing, causing you to have weight gain which if you are not careful, you could be on the path of obesity before you know it. Obesity is bad.

Admittedly, work encourages you to get fast food as it isn’t time-consuming, but fast food is not something you should consume every day. It will help if you change your meals into healthy cooked meals instead. You can decide to make your meal from home and heat it in the office’s kitchen when it’s lunchtime. If you might not cook food for yourself before leaving the house, when you are eating out, consider eating from restaurants. Also, incorporate into your diet vegetables and fruit. Target lean protein sources so that you can cut down on loading up on carbs.

3. Exercise

Important for a Healthy Lifestyle

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Suppose you are big on junks and alcohol. You have to exercise, but you can’t exercise because you are busy. So, as recommended above, cut down heavily on your junk food intake. Exercising as a busy person can be a hassle as you don’t have the time. However, not having time should not be a reason for you not exercising as exercising like all the activities mentioned above is good for your health.

As a busy person, you can include exercises in your daily activities by setting apart about 30 minutes of your time engaging in the type of exercise you enjoy. If you don’t have that 30 minutes to spare, you can incorporate exercise into your routine through your work. You can get up early if you take the bus, stop at a few bus stops before yours and walk the remaining way. Take a bicycle instead of your car. Use the stairs at work rather than taking the elevator. When you need something from a co-worker, say a document, for instance, instead of calling them to mail the document to you, walk to their station rather. Doing this would make you less passive and help improve your health.

4. Sleep

After a busy day, sleep is what we need to help rejuvenate our bodies. We need this sleep to allow our body to deal with the day’s stress, but we often don’t get enough. We want to complete a project or take too much coffee in the day that how bodies don’t know how to switch off at night. To prevent work from eating into our sleep, have a timeframe you would stop working if you work into the night, stop taking coffee anytime later than 3 pm also.

You risk unproductivity if you continue to allow work to dictate when you sleep. Lack of productivity would eventually harm your progress at work

Bottom Line

The above activities are very crucial to your well-being. You have to want to do these activities and remember that your health would be better for it.

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