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Top Signs That Your Commercial Garage Door Needs Repair



Signs That Your Commercial Garage Door Needs Repair

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Commercial garage doors are critical to businesses, and the sudden loss of functionality could disrupt a company’s operations. Business owners need to understand the warning signs that their garage door needs repair so they can take action before it fails.

If you notice your garage door making squeaking or rattling noises and responding slower than usual, it will likely need repair. These issues can indicate a problem with sensors, pulleys, or tracks.


Over time, your commercial garage door panels will inevitably start to sag. If this happens, call a garage door repair professional immediately. If the sagging is severe, it may create pest entry points into your business and pose serious safety hazards for employees and customers.

Also, sagging can signify that your business’s insulating features are wearing out. This can lead to soaring energy bills and uncomfortable temperatures within your building. A professional can assess your insulating needs and see whether some simple fixes will do the job. They can also recommend upgrading to a new insulated commercial garage door to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Loud Noises

Even the best commercial garage doors can experience odd noises from time to time. These noises aren’t just annoying; they can also indicate that you need commercial garage door repair Austin. Loud sounds like squeaking, rattling, and popping can indicate issues requiring professional help.

Clinking sounds often indicate that your commercial garage door’s coils and springs are rubbing together. If left unchecked, this could lead to a more severe problem. Lubricating the moving parts of your commercial door can help stop these slapping sounds.

Vibrating sounds are more severe and indicate that your track and rollers have become loose. It’s essential to address these problems as soon as possible, to avoid further damage and keep those who use the door safe.


A commercial garage door needs to operate smoothly and safely. Its movement must be within the tracks and rollers so that anyone using it is not hurt. Extreme wear and tear, vehicle clashes, and other factors may cause the door to operate off the tracks. Inspecting the garage door and its components regularly to detect these signs early and take preventive measures is essential.

If the garage door is sagging or damaged, consider upgrading it with a new one. This will not only enhance the security of the property but also reduce energy bills. It will be worth the investment in the long run. A new door is made of more substantial materials and will be a good deterrent against break-ins.

Slow Response

When your commercial garage door opens and closes slowly, it can indicate several problems. A sluggish response can signal that the doors are not getting enough power or could become dangerously misaligned.

A sluggish opening and closing can also be caused by insufficient lubrication. Routine lubrication is vital to keeping the system running smoothly and prolonging the life of the door and opener. Be sure to use a quality grease spray and avoid using WD-40, which can interfere with the proper lubrication needed for your commercial garage door.

If the problem is a complex fix, such as adjusting the opener’s distance settings, it is best to have a garage door repair Austin. Commercial garage doors are heavy, complex machinery that requires a professional’s skills and training to diagnose and repair.


Commercial garage doors are designed to withstand the demands of high-traffic operations such as warehouses and logistics companies. However, they do wear down over time and need regular maintenance to function properly.

Commercial garage door tracks and rollers are prone to becoming misaligned or damaged, making it difficult for the system to open and close effectively. Inspecting the tracks visually regularly for rust spots and other damage can help you avoid major problems before they arise.

Commercial garage doors also have cables that assist the torsion spring in lifting and lowering the system. If these cables become frayed or rusted, it could lead to dangerous accidents and put employees’ health at risk. A professional can repair and replace the cables to ensure the system works as intended.

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