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Top Global Brands Dominating the Market Today & Global Branding Lessons



Top Global Brands Dominating the Market Today & Global Branding Lessons

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Global branding is much more than converting your official website to diverse languages and creating the same advertisements for the global market. If you are thinking of establishing a brand and earning a name for a positive experience and high-quality service, you should do much more. According to Harvard Business Review, as an increasing number of organizations consider the entire universe as their market, more and more brand builders are envious of organizations that have successfully created powerful global brands: brands that have the same advertising stratagem, positioning, personality, feel and look across all nations.

However, businesses should realize that all successful global brands were proactive enough to take strategic steps and considerable time to reach the heights that they have attained now. It is intriguing to know how these powerful global brands reached the top, and the mantra for their success remains so powerful. Let us consider analyzing some instances of excellent global branding to guide you to the top.


Apple is a phenomenally successful brand. Everyone knows about it and acknowledges it. Everywhere you can come across people who can associate Apple with top-end products, bright stores, unique designs, and immaculate employees. Apple provides exceptional customer service that is praiseworthy. Even though Apple has chosen a cookie-cutter approach, the same stratagem worldwide, it focuses on tailoring the protocol of every worldwide store to local tastes. They may be maintaining the same appearance in all locations, but their content on the official website of Apple is localized and translated thoughtfully to cater to international audiences.


A discussion on global branding is incomplete without talking about Coca-Cola. They are veterans and experts at global branding, and they have demonstrated how excellent marketing stratagems and consistency in quality can retain a single and the same item or product to dominate the scene for decades. When Coca-Cola was a newcomer to the global scenario, standardized messaging and products culminated in a backlash against American imperialism. That is the reason why in 2000. Coca-Cola introduced the fantastic “think local and act local’ marketing stratagem for boosting local sensitivity. This branding policy has helped Coca-Cola to become stronger and gain popularity. It is undoubtedly a renowned brand worldwide. They have been focusing on same lasting and universal values like sharing, happiness, and family.


Starbucks is supposed to be an iconic global brand that has today become synonymous with the term “coffee.” Many people are in the habit of saying that they will grab Starbucks before going to work instead of saying that they will have some coffee before work. That is the overwhelming power of brilliant brand name creation. A great brand name will feature effortlessly in our everyday speech patterns. The founders of this coffee giant had come across some brilliant brand name ideas. As such, they could come up with a powerful and memorable brand name.

The grand success of Starbucks is attributed to the actual consumer experience associated with coffee consumption. The focus is on cozy ambiance, classy design, custom-tailored coffee, fast service, and friendly staff. Some simple tricks like adding round tables to ensure that customers who visit the place alone do not feel lonesome demonstrate how much the brand care about the wellbeing of customers and that they pay attention to even the slightest details. They are a signature part of the daily living of the Millennials. Moreover, social media has played a remarkable role in promoting Starbucks. The coffee giant provides superlative service across the globe.

Their branding strategy shows that they share and firmly believe in the thought that people across the globe are connected. The renowned coffee brand has been the first company within the industry to develop, implement, and reap the benefits of an efficient CRM system. They bolstered the company’s brand image simply by incorporating an individualized reward system via smart mobile apps.


ZARA is a renowned fashion retail brand. Zara had aspirations of creating a passion for fashion among a wide range of consumers, spreading across diverse age groups, and cultures. Several factors have been responsible for Zara’s overwhelming success. However, Zara gained the status of an international fashion powerhouse because it was able to give top priority to customers. Customers have defined the culture of the brand since the company is truly obsessed with its clients! ZARA Global Branding relies on replicating top-end fashion trends and presenting stunning and affordable creations to the broader mid-price segment. They focus on core values like sustainability, functionality, and clarity. Zara considers customers as its most precious asset. Hence, they provide superlative customer service in all their retail stores across the globe.

Valuable Global Branding Lessons to Take Home

Focus On Identifying Universal Brand Values for Your Brand

Just like individuals, brands seem to have their own unique personalities. When you initiate the brand identity journey, you must determine what your brand actually stands for. What is your brand’s aim or vision? Why does your brand exist? What issues does it solve? You may identify the emotions you would want your brand to associate with. Remember that the most successful brands inspire or motivate with a message aligning with customers’ own values.

Even though Coca-Cola came up with a “think local, act local” approach to marketing and branding initially it was their universal values like happiness, active lifestyles, and sharing that bolstered brand expansion.

Highlight the Product’s Uniqueness

Powerful global brands boast a certain degree of differentiation. You should be unique for getting noticed by everyone. A perfect instance of product-led brand expansion is Adobe. During its 35 years, Adobe has successfully reinvented itself again and again. It is consistently innovating. They have always emphasized creativity. Adobe has enjoyed a unique journey from the 2013 SaaS model to the latest rebranding exercise.

Lead By Inclusion & Innovation

Inclusion and diversity are the core considerations for numerous brands. Diversifying the kinds of professionals your brand employs makes your brand stand out or be better than the rest. Dell has set a commendable example and motivation for promoting inclusion and diversity. Dell believes in the race and gender equality and hopes to achieve it by 2030. For Dell, inclusion and diversity are business prerequisites and priorities for supporting development, innovation, and growth.


Ultimately, global brands must respect customer differences in multiple markets. Remember that same products, services, and messages are universally appealing in rare cases.

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