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How Does the Future of Advertising Look? 3 Trends That May Affect It



Future of Advertising

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The Genius of Online Platforms

Don’t let the economic downturn dampen your enthusiasm for your business. Not to be that toxic aunt at a family reunion, but you know what? It isn’t all that bad. If anything, things are looking up for businesses that have made their social media accounts one of their leading channels. If the marketer is sharp enough, these platforms can turn into a robust source of leads. Down the line, these will become significant venues to carry on the discussions and establish genuine brand-client relationships.

But the genius of electronic platforms does not stop on social media. When our personal worlds were compelled into isolation, the development of other spaces went into hyperdrive. As a result, companies have discovered they could subsist on the cloud. And in the long run, they have proven to do more than that – they thrived and kept thriving.

The future of advertising is ripe for the taking. However, companies that may be starting, might need a bit of push in the right direction. To help in the cause, we’ll outline 3 trends that will help companies who want to raise brand awareness to connect to their intended audience.

3 Trends That Will Impact The Future Of Advertising

1. Social Media and SEO

Among the trends even non-marketers are well-versed with is social media. As mentioned earlier, social media platforms have become the bread and butter of marketing teams across different industries. Sure, not everyone might be on board. Heck, not even the younger generation of marketers is automatically savvy. But then, with proper training and study of user behavior on various channels, the marketer can become a formidable communicator through them.

One thing that marketers have been training their smarts on social media platforms is how they can seamlessly integrate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into their strategy.

Experts concur that SEO should take center stage in content creation. This is highly significant as social media provides immediate feedback and real-time information.

Advertisers agree that SEO can help in creating content that can easily be found organically. Should they learn to effectively use the platforms by coming up with strong written or visual campaigns, they can establish communities and connect with them consistently.

2. Hybrid Dynamics

Not to trivialize, or worse, be grateful for the misfortune of others, but the forced global lockdowns have enriched the online sphere. It has turned it into a sphere of human interaction that can easily blend with physical spaces. As this is the case, the hybrid setups created by our isolations have enriched the working experience.

Those who have adapted have increased their professional skill sets. From presentation to the creation of valuable business documents, many have taken advantage of their deepened technological independence.

Through the hybrid experience, marketers and advertisers have learned to provide customers with well-rounded experiences that have led to customer satisfaction and customer retention.

However, marketers caution against the lack of balance between online experiences and in-person interaction. The two must work hand in hand to full effect. A misalignment between them would lead to decreased client confidence.

Marketing efforts must drive excellence in hybrid experiences to derive growth marketing hacks that should become industry practices.

3. Web 3.0 and The Metaverse

Web 3.0 and metaverse are two buzzwords in the online community. While the definitions and delimitations have yet to be solidified, one thing is clear: these two venues will further enrich our experience of the online world.

Offering complete immersion into the online world, Web 3.0 bears the potential of bringing new user experiences with heightened speed and clarity. Through the power of VR, the metaverse is seen as grounds where different brands can establish their services. All that users have to do is create an account and slip on VR headsets, like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Within these virtual spaces, users can interact with brands, choose from their many offerings, and make purchases.

Apart from this, the users can also have exclusive access to events and unique customer perks through NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Web 3.0 and the Metaverse offer limitless possibilities and make brands vanguards of holistic customer satisfaction.

But What If Businesses Are Short On Funds For The Campaign?

Advertisers should take these trends as opportunities to grow their marketing strategies. If funds are seen as an impediment to starting, companies can always apply for business loans for marketing campaigns. No digital stone must be left unturned.

To apply for a loan, the business must ascertain if its credit score bears trustworthiness and potential. But more importantly, it must shed its ego and see the value in getting a loan.

It is recommendable for businesses not to bootstrap. They should learn to establish a line of credit to supply their operations. So if the businesses are hard-pressed for money, whether for advertising or investment in new resources, their owners should look for an investor or a lender.

Not Just Trends, They Are The Future

All these trends bear the potential of turning the current online space into brands’ permanent home. While some may shudder at the idea of making a complete shift to the platforms due to threats of crashes and malicious breaches, they should realize that the old world of advertising is already at the door, waving its hands, smiling as it knows it has done well.

Remember, the practices of yesterday were once mere trends. It’s time to take full advantage of what we have today to reach a quality future.

Bash Sarmiento is a writer and an educator from Manila. He writes laconic pieces in the education, lifestyle, and health realms. His academic background and extensive experience in teaching, textbook evaluation, business management, and traveling are translated into his works.

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