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PDF Converters: Is it worth it?



PDF Converters Is it worth it

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Let’s face it, every day we transition to a much faster-paced environment. As our ancestors used to survive, modern-day tools are necessary to overcome daily challenges.

PDFs are so convenient and applicable anywhere: schools, businesses, marketing, and advertising. It becomes a go-to format for everyone.

Today, the world is forced to minimize the use of paper because environmental issues are circling over-using papers. That’s why online documents are common these days.

Ever since the trend of e-commerce started, it became dependent on using PDFs for documentation, sending invoices, and alike. Some of the companies also rely on using PDF when storing documents on the cloud.

But as much as PDF has a lot of advantages, it also has some downsides with a lot of things. Users become so dependent on it and make PDFs overused. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with it but there are some formats you might be missing out on.

PDF Converters: What are they?

Ever since smartphones are invented, people tend to do a lot of stuff in it including reading, storing, or even sending documents through it. That’s why pdf readers became available to make it easier for its users.

But since we got into fast-paced environments, PDFs can be such a bummer when you don’t have the reader tool. It consumes time when this happens to you. That’s why pdf to jpg converter is also available online, like PDF Bear.

Pdf to jpg converters, as the name suggests, can be very convenient in a time of crisis. Since all smart devices read jpg, it gives you more time to be productive anywhere.

Other PDF Converters also allow you to convert any pdf to any format such as doc, png, spreadsheet, PowerPoint, and other applicable formats in seconds!

PDF Readers VS PDF Converters: What should I choose?

On one hand, you might be thinking: Well you just need to read the file, right?

PDF Readers come in handy when it comes to reading your documents. This tool is very straightforward and it gives you what you need – accessing your pdfs anywhere you go. Easy, peasy.

But on the other hand, PDF Converters has more applications than just reading your documents.

Aside from being fast at converting files, PDF converters give you the freedom to select any page you want to convert and do whatever business you need to be done. You can expect a quality image after converting.

PDF Converters, like PDF Bear, can also give you security in viewing confidential files. They have a specific connection to remain safe.

And since we are talking about conversion, PDF Converters make your document whatever format you want making it flexible. It is like a swiss army knife that you can use anywhere.

Tips on how to optimize PDF Converter

1. Convert your one-pager document into a jpeg

Have you experience opening a pdf longer than opening your pictures? It would be best that you convert your pdf into a jpeg especially if it is just a one-page document.

You may also want to convert your sales invoice (in pdf) into a jpeg. This will make transactions smoother with your customers given that all is done online. Another good thing about jpeg files is that you can send them anywhere with ease. If you are managing a small business, showing clients sample products or services is common for you. Sending them documents in pdf can take time instead of showing them the first second.

This may give your clients the impression that you don’t waste their time and you mean business.

2. If you don’t want the text to be copied by others

Some documents containing confidential information may need to be converted into an image format: either jpg or png. It will be hard to copy the document if it is in the image format.

3. Convert your pdf into word format

PDF is mostly used to avoid reformatting the whole document when opened to a different device. Especially when you need to retain the order of the text in the document, you need it to be in pdf. Unless you needed to change texts in the document, it is best that you convert it into an editable format like doc. By using PDF Converter, you can just easily convert and edit your documents in no time.

4. You can always repurpose data from your old documents

This benefits best for researchers that need to reuse data from past research. Knowing that you can still reuse old data is such a relief but not knowing how to retrieve them can be a headache.

5. Always keep one

Having a pdf converter is a reliable tool for all your documents. It is a long-term investment if you keep one to yourself. You can also have free pdf converters online, like PDF Bear. You cannot know if you need one someday.

6. You will always have your option

You don’t need to keep your options close. Having a PDF Converter helps you convert your document into other formats. Every other format has its application to different aspects like businesses, schools, presentations, and online transactions. You can always rely on converting your pdfs into any other format.

7. You don’t need to show everything

PDF converters can be handy if you just need a certain part from your document. It can be a page, a section, or a paragraph. This could help protect the whole document if it is confidential.

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