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Dental Marketing: The Importance of Using Social Media Amidst Pandemic



Dental Marketing

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While the pandemic forced most people to stay at home, it also translates to more and more people using the internet every single day. One platform that people spend most of their time on is social media. Social media is the best place for family, friends, and other people to share information. In fact, 74% of people use social media to look for products and services online, discover new brands, and even find a dentist!

This is the reason why social media continues to be one of the best marketing strategies dental services should be using today to attract new patients, build relationships, and manage reputation.

The Importance of Social Media in Dental Marketing

For decades, dentists built their practice in the form of exclusive reputation and word of mouth marketing from limited people. But today, a new prospect for dental practices has begun to make itself known: social media.

Social media helps you connect past patients who are looking for you and potential patients who aren’t. It’s the ultimate way to establish and build a relationship, and guarantee your patients you can deliver a comfortable service before they schedule an appointment. Social media is the best platform to remind people you’re not only offering cleanings and root canals but also good dental health, confidence, comfort, and trust. Many small businesses including dental services opt for LLCs. If you want to start an LLC, here is how to get an LLC.

Benefits of Social Media in Dental Marketing

If you’re not utilizing social media yet to benefit your dental marketing, you might be behind the competition and missing out on tons of prospects.

1. Builds Credibility and Manage Your Reputation

When dental patients look for dental services online, say, from a downtown dental clinic in Ottawa, they are most likely to visit your website or social media page to get more information. Prospective clients may look at photos and videos of your dental clinic, read online reviews, and relevant activities in social media — all of which have a significant influence on their decision-making.

When patients learn more about the benefits of working with you, the higher your chances of securing their business. It’s also easier for you to build credibility and reputation.

2. Establishes Relationships

Usually, people think of dental visits as a nerve-wracking experience. With social media, you can assure and help patients having cold-feet feel calmer and more secure. You can display testimonials or experiences from past clients, friendly images of you and your team, and results of your expertise. This will significantly help you establish relationships with your old and potential clients.

3. Gain Visibility and Attract Clients

If your dental practice lacks a social media presence, you might as well be non-existent. Social media allows people to effortlessly find your location. When this happens, most people click on your page or website which will drive traffic. This translates to new patient opportunities.

For instance, when a dentist uses SEO marketing in Hamilton, their office is more likely to show up when a potential patient searches for a dental practice near them.

When you gain visibility in your social media profile or websites, the more clients find it attractive and the more chances they are to schedule an appointment.

4. Shows Off Leadership

The main reason why social media is best for dental marketing is that it makes it more convenient to share information about your dental practice. If your social media website or page contains relevant information in the form of blogs, or videos that demonstrate your dental practice expertise, you can begin showcasing leadership essential to attract clients. A cosmo dental clinic in London that uses social media will find it easier to build trust among clients than a clinic in the same area that doesn’t.

social media

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Which Platform Should I Choose?

Any social media platforms can gain clients, but these three are our favourites:

1. Facebook – Billions of people use Facebook every day. You can increase your clients through Facebook by using content-based posts, posts with links to your website, or paid advertisements. Don’t forget to use photos for visual learners.

2. YouTube – This is the best for a dentist to market practices through videos about customer testimonials or even office tours. Start uploading videos to your channel and promote them on other social media channels like Facebook.

3. Twitter – Although each post is limited to only 240 characters, Twitter allows you to attract new clients with hashtags like “#teethwhitening” or “#rootcanaltreatment”. You can also tweet photos of your office or team. Twitter filters your audience with PPC (pay-per-click) ads that target users by location, keywords, or demographics.


Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

How to Market Your Dental Practice with Social Media?

Below are relevant ways you can use social media to build a strong connection with your audience and bring in new clients.

a. Share helpful tips – Share relevant information that you think might be interesting to your clients. It’s also best if the tips can be easily understood and easily done to improve their dental health.

b. Show off some of your achievements – If you’ve earned a recent acknowledgement for your services, tell your followers to increase your credibility and trust in your patients.

c. Post team photos – Do this to offer clients a welcoming environment and pose a positive experience for every dental visit. If your employees regularly volunteer for community service, posting it on social media lets clients know you value compassion.

d. Engage with your followers – When people comment on your posts or ask questions in the comment box, cater to their needs by answering their queries. This will give followers an idea of how you appreciate them.

e. Promote events – Social media can be a great platform where you can promote dental events if you sponsor, participate, or run community events. This will help followers and clients remember you more.

Take advantage of the reach of social media to make your practice more visible and engaging.

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