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Men’s Health: Take Care Of Your Feet With These 6 Tips



Men’s Health Take Care Of Your Feet With These 6 Tips

Men normally have more physical activities compared to women, but they are less active when it comes to taking care of their feet. If you are a man, think of the last time you had a pedicure. When was the last time you went to the spa and had a foot massage? Do you have a regular routine of applying foot cream or scrubbing your feet in the shower? Most probably, you cannot remember it anymore.

Men’s feet are always neglected when it comes to a normal routine of taking care of them. Because of that, there are times as well that your feet may encounter different consequences that may be bad for your health. Don’t worry. We can help you with that.

6 Tips on how men can take care of their feet

There are simple ways to take care of your feet. These are the things that are certainly within your control. Let’s go ahead and discuss how you can take care of your feet.

1. Choosing the right footwear

Wearing the right shoes for every occasion is a must. For instance, instead of wearing sneakers for a relaxed, outdoor event, it’s best to buy men’s sandals in NZ. This will make your feet more comfortable, especially since spending outdoors may expose you to heat. By wearing sandals, your feet can get a little air to breathe. Keep in mind that regardless of the occasion, you should wear shoes that are appropriate for the weather condition. In that way, your feet will not suffer at the end of the day.

2. Do not repeat your socks

Men’s Health Take Care Of Your Feet With These Tips

No matter how clean you think it still is, your socks should be sent to the laundry right after wearing them. If you often wear socks, it’s best to buy more pairs rather than repeating them. Once your socks are worn, it’s already accumulating dirt from your foot. Think of it this way, your feet may be sweating after a long day at work and your socks have absorbed the heat. It will develop bacteria the entire day and it has to be washed to be clean again. If you will repeat wearing your socks, the bacteria it accumulates will still be there and may be bad for your feet’s health.

3. Be mindful of your toenails colors

Taking care of your feet means taking care of your toenails as well. If you often wear the wrong size of shoes, there will be a chance that your toes will be squished, and may have a hematoma. It’s best to always check your toenails after removing your socks and shoes to ensure that there are no unusual colors in them. The best way to avoid this situation is to wear shoes in your size and cut your nails often.

4. Dry your feet first, all the time

You may be in a hurry to get to work so you’ll just wear your shoes immediately after finishing your shower. This may be convenient but it’s entirely bad for your foot. Wearing socks or shoes with wet feet is more prone to bacteria build-up. As much as possible, completely dry your feet first before wearing anything on them.

5. Avoid walking barefoot

You do know that your feet carry the weight of your entire body, right? Thus, going barefoot, especially on hardwood floors, is not a good idea. Walking barefoot on hard floors such as your cemented living room or at the gym can cause too much stress on your feet. Aside from that, being barefoot means exposing your feet to a lot of bacteria and fungi. At all times, wear flip-flops or any other soft footwear to have healthier feet.

6. Feet soaking is highly recommended

It’s not enough that you wash your feet often. If you have some free time or while you’re watching a favorite sports game, you can soak your feet in warm water. This will help relax your feet’s muscles and it will remove all the pain and strain the entire day. Foot soaking is also helpful to improve blood circulation and detoxification.

Why your foot health is important?

Aside from literally keeping your feet on the ground, taking care of your foot’s health is also important to avoid having problems such as the following:

Athlete’s foot

It’s a fungal infection that commonly happens to athletes and active men. Hence, its name. It develops mostly on the soles of your feet and in between your toes. Athletes’ foot is physically represented by dry and scaling skin on their feet and paired with extreme itchiness. This can be severe and you can also experience inflammation, cracks, and even blisters.

Nail fungus

Your nails are like the open wounds of your feet. If you often expose your feet to fungi and bacteria, these elements can penetrate your nails and can cause nail fungus. You will notice discoloration and crumbling on the edges of your nails. If this happens, it’s best to reach out to a podiatrist instead of curing it yourself.

Plantar fasciitis

In layman’s terms, plantar fascitis is the stretching of your foot’s thick band tissue called the plantar fascia. This tissue is the strongest support of your foot’s muscles. If this is stretched too far, your muscles will have inflammation that may hinder you to perform activities as it causes severe pain in the foot.

Start taking care of your feet!

Ready to take care of your feet? Give them some love as they keep you going to reach your goals in life. Remember, it will start by wearing the right footwear such as sandals and sneakers for outdoors and leather for formal events. Take care of your feet today and you’ll surely reach more milestones in your life.

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