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Is A Healthy Lifestyle The Key To Success?



Healthy Lifestyle The Key To Success

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We all have our own goals in life. Whether you are trying to become a social media influencer, or you are trying to create a multi-million-pound company, our health is a key metric in persisting in our journey towards success. As much as you may not recognize it now, poor health is one of the fastest ways to slow your progression. Although success is built over a long time, we should still not let the quality of our health slip away.

Have you ever noticed your professional drive to do more significantly drop when your health has been in bad shape? You are not the only one. Everyone experiences the negative effects of getting ill and having their health put at risk. For dream chasers who want to be the best in their field, so much time is spent on taking action, which their health falls into disrepair. If you are one of these people and you want to know exactly why you should be investing in your health to support your journey to success, read on!

How can health affect your success?

The question of how poor health can affect your overall success in life is simple. Poor health leads to a multitude of negative knock-on effects, from low attention spans to more extremities such as being left in hospital, stopping you from taking action towards your goals. When we look at success, it would only be fair to highlight some of the sacrifices that must be made to reach targets, especially if they are life-changing. Stress, lack of sleep, low exercise and poor nutrition are unfortunately common experiences for the entrepreneurs and most successful people amongst us. The key to making health a metric in guiding you towards your goals, instead of holding you back from them, is to make a healthy lifestyle non-negotiable.

Successful people who focus on their health

If you are looking for an extra reason to focus on your health, here is a list of household names that focus on their health as a way to maintain their success and continue getting great results:

Elon Musk – Tesla and newly renamed X (Twitter) owner is investing in his health, even with all the work he has to do. From weightlifting to intermittent fasting, he is a great example of a celebrity who has invested in their health to ensure their results are of exceptional standards.

Beyonce – Beyonce is a music mogul and sensation celebrity of our century. Following a variety of diets such as vegan, whilst maintaining hours of cardio and weight training to get her show-ready, Beyonce wouldn’t be where she is today without the intuition to take her health seriously.

Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook and Meta creator Mark Zuckerberg owes parts of his success to his nutrition and balanced lifestyle choices. Revealing his caffeine intake is zero, Zuckerberg is still able to perform amazing work, without damaging supplements such as caffeine.

Habits to implement for better health & success!

Sleep for information retention

Sleep is king. One of the easiest habits to let slip when you are striving for an impossible goal is the hours of sleep you get during the night. Sleep is an innate, non-negotiable habit that all humans must engage in if we hope to function during the day. Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per day. Despite some suggestions, sleep experts say that getting the full length of sleep is much more beneficial than trying to catch up with daytime naps. During sleep, our brain processes information that has been taken in during the day. Without this sufficient level of sleep, our brains will not only struggle to retain information, but this can ultimately lead to low productivity and also poor memory.

Habits to help:

If you have been struggling to fit in a good sleep schedule whilst striving for success, start by making the bedroom strictly for sleeping. If you allow the bedroom to become a part-time office, your brain will associate this environment with work, and prevent your brain from falling into the relaxed state necessary for deep sleep. Also, consider reading before bed, and avoiding screen time. Fiction books based on your goals niche might be tempting, but it would be best to read something completely different such as a nonfiction piece to take your mind off the grind before sleep!

Nutrition for high energy levels

What we put into our bodies will manifest into the physical self. If you are trying to achieve a goal, you perhaps lack the time to cook three meals a day. This has to stop, now! A balanced and nutritious diet made up of the foods that make our bodies feel good will lead to much higher energy levels that do not need to be accompanied by fatty, sugar snacks. A poor diet can lead to fatigue, poor dental health and more serious digestive issues that can worsen over time.

Habits to help:

To save yourself an emergency trip to your trusted dentist, make an effort to have a nutritious diet, made up of enough calories and food groups to maintain the balance you need. As an entrepreneur striving for success, it may feel like you have little time to cook all day, so instead prepare your food for the week in bulk on Sunday. This will take the stress off the rest of the week, and give you more time to work towards your goals!

Mindfulness movements

Mindfulness has become a part of mainstream culture in recent years. For busybodies working tirelessly to reach their desired levels of success, mindfulness is not at the forefront of their minds. Despite this, some of the most successful people amongst us today swear by mindfulness as a metric to help them regulate their moods and work harder towards their goals. With this, hard work can often lead to high levels of cortisol, which is the stress hormone. Mindfulness allows you to create your own clarity, and regulate your mood no matter the burdens you are facing

Habits to help:

To implement mindfulness into your busy schedule, start small. A simple 5 minutes of meditation in the morning as you drink your morning coffee can make a world of difference. This is a great way to set yourself up for the day and give you the mental space to take on any of the challenges you will face. Keep on adding more time, and listen to a guided meditation video if you are struggling to quiet your mind of ideas!

Amy Jones is a freelance writer for many different business publications. With a range of knowledge in the business and personal coaching, she is an avid researcher and writer in the field. Having worked with a number of different businesses, including dentists in Solihull, Amy is now a freelance writer looking to specialise in the topic.

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