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Instagram Trends to Ensure Business Growth in 2022



Instagram Trends to Ensure Business Growth in 2022

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First of all, we can all agree that it is not as easy to make it on Instagram today as it was a few years ago. And yes, this can be somewhat frustrating. Part of the blame is the algorithm but also the fierce competition on this platform. Instagram is growing so fast that it is hard to keep up sometimes.

This is why you should focus on rolling up your sleeves and do your best to grow and gain more followers. So you might be wondering how to promote your Instagram and attract more followers. Well, the simple answer is that you need to work strategically and keep track of all the latest trends and available features.

To succeed, it takes more than just posting a few posts here and there. Planning and engagement, as well as interactions with your followers, are required for you to be able to achieve good results on this platform.

Below, we’ll share some tips on how you can ensure Instagram growth in 2022 by taking advantage of the best trends.

Time for a Proper Advertising Strategy

Instagram Trends to Ensure Business Growth

Photo by Alena Darmel from Pexels

If you still only sponsor posts in 2022, you will be overtaken by competitors. When it comes to doing business digitally, a much broader and more elaborate strategy is required than that.

When, where, and how should you build a brand, and for which target group? Should you drive traffic to the web or instead focus on direct experience? What works best? Is it images, videos, carousels, or shopping ads? You need to create a robust strategy and implement best practices if you want to run a business successfully on Instagram in 2022.


Did you know that 70% of the population use Instagram to discover new products and that 80% admit that Instagram helps them decide which products and services to buy? In other words, Instagram is an important channel for you as a marketer.

Instagram is turning more and more into a shopping channel where users can discover new products. With a shopping integration, it’s possible to tag the products, so that users can buy directly without leaving the app. Now you no longer need to redirect users to your website, instead, they can see the products directly on Instagram, with both preview and price tags.

So, we recommend you consider setting up Instagram Shopping, but also, don’t forget to use shopping tags on Instagram stories to get the most exposure possible.


Instagram is the go-to platform for any video marketer. Now that Instagram offers opportunities for videos in different formats, the platform will probably play an even more important role than before. In addition, video advertising will be a much larger part of social media marketing. If you want to attract more followers and increase conversion, set aside more time and resources for content creation and video production so that your videos stand out on the platform.

Instagram is trying to emulate the platforms TikTok and Snapchat, where video plays a big role. Reels, videos, and Stories will therefore be even more important than before to remain relevant to your followers. Watch other people’s Reels and get inspired, use videos to share information about your brand, and engage your followers by conducting polls, questions, and stickers in your Instagram stories.


Instagram Trends to Ensure Business Growth 2022

Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

As social media offers more advertising opportunities, so does influencer marketing. This has been the case in recent years and this continues in 2022 as well.

Influencers have come to stay. If you have a brand and want to share it with the Instagram world, you should consider an influencer marketing strategy. This means that you, as a brand, need to establish a consistent presence on social media through these influencers. It should be an influencer that your target audience follows, relates to, and depends on. The idea is to ensure that you appear in users’ feeds so that your brand is the first thing they think of when they are buying something.

Collabs and Live Rooms

These are two of the new features on Instagram that you should keep in mind. The thing about both of these features is that you are creating this type of content along with other creators who will also be shared with your common audience. This allows you to be seen in front of a new audience that might give you new potential followers.

Be curious and exploratory and see these new features as an opportunity to reach new heights of success.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been wondering what the future holds for Instagram marketing, above we listed some of the upcoming Instagram trends for 2022 that can help you create more engagement and visibility for your brand, which, in turn, will ensure business growth.

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