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Here Is Why You Should Invest In Knowledge Base Software



Here Is Why You Should Invest In Knowledge Base Software


Knowledge base software is highly recognized for its ease of use and the independence it provides to customers. Regardless of how big or small a firm is or the industry it operates in, you can’t go wrong with a knowledge base. Around 40 percent of consumers prefer self-service over human contact.

What Is a Knowledge Base?

Knowledge base software is a collection of information about your product or service in the form of articles or videos. A knowledge base software is instantly useful for customers and support agents. This acts as an internal Wikipedia for a company, also called Business Wiki.

Customers can easily rely on the knowledge to sort out their problems and learn how to use the company’s product or service. Often, it is a part of a company’s self-service portal or website. Those who want to start this can ask any customer service agent what questions customers ask repeatedly.

These can include simple queries like password reset or refund policies. These questions can be used as FAQs and presented to customers for further assistance. Adding articles that can best answer queries is also very helpful.

One of the popular sections that customers are bound to use is a series of Onboarding articles that help them get started with the company’s products and services.

Additionally, one can write articles on the various steps involved in adopting the product and using it. Organize them based on functionality so that customers who visit the support portal of the company can easily get access to them.

Depending upon the needs and requirements, a knowledge base can further include articles about troubleshooting issues, information about policies and leases, new feature updates, and much more. However, the main thing to keep in mind while populating the knowledge base is the customer’s needs.

How to Improve Team Collaboration with Knowledge Base Software?

Building the knowledge base has become a popular strategy, and it’s boosting teamwork as well. Coordination has become very easy with the knowledge base software as it helps team members to coordinate among themselves. Moreover, one can configure and have control over the knowledge base security access. Using the knowledge base enhances collaboration among team members. Therefore, it leads to improved work quality.

Knowledge Base System Examples

There are different variations of knowledge base software. Naturally, it implies that some are more popular, as are listed below.

1. Confluence

Confluence is the industry-standard knowledge base product on the market. Today, it is highly popular among Australian businesses.

It is a highly stable and mature product, and it just works. The great thing about Confluence is that it is the industry standard on which all other knowledge base applications are dependent. Atlas Sian, a very large software company, has a massive team of developers working on Confluence most of the time.

This way, bugs are fixed on time, and there aren’t many problems with data going missing. Of course, there are some aspects of Confluence that users don’t like. One of these is the interface, which looks quite dated at times. This means that it is not as smooth as one can expect it to be.

Overall, Confluence is a great knowledge base software application that’s highly productive and provides great results. However, some things are old-fashioned compared to some new software applications. Also, Confluence is available at a highly reasonable price.

2. Slab

The Slab is incredibly popular among the marketing agency and SEO crowd. The difference between Slab and Confluence, functionality-wise, is that they are pretty much the same, but in terms of layout, everything is a little more advanced, and there is an editor pop-up bar. Due to advanced features and functions, many people prefer Slab over Confluence.

Slab is a little more active in developing products and rolling out new features consistently, and when it comes to pricing, Slab is free for a limited number of users, and after that, it becomes eight dollars per month.

3. Notion

The notion is kind of a disruptive upstart kit on the block, and it is highly known as the killer app. This is because it will replace all business apps from now on. That includes knowledge base to project management tools and CRMs to everything else.

Notion has a high demand and is the best of all. It has the best interface compared to Confluence and Slab. These three applications are good examples of reliable knowledge base software that give your business a competitive edge.

Why Has Knowledge Base Software Become So Popular?

This is because it is an online repository of information about a product or any service organization. However, advanced knowledge based software allows you to create, manage and share knowledge easily and make it accessible anytime you wish to.


Studies show that most people prefer self-help, self-service to sort out their support issues rather than calling someone or sending an email for any assistance. Today, people highly prefer knowledge base software as it allows them to help themselves.

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