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Industry Applications Driving Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives Demand



Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives PSA

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs) are an essential solution that caters to the adhesion needs of various major industrial sectors. PSAs become ideal when joining foams, fabric, and a vast array of substrates, from permanent bonding to removable adhesion. Vital attributes, including strength, versatility, design, and flexibility, are the significant factors that contribute to PSAs’ industrial growth, given they have various assembly benefits.

Below are major industrial applications that are powering Pressure Sensitive Adhesives market trends.

Lightweight in Automotive Applications

Tire suppliers and automotive manufacturers have continually used PSAs as essential bonding solutions in automotive applications. The rapid revolution of light-weighting and electrification has enabled PSAs and tapes to play a crucial role in the production of automobiles, enabling the assembly process engineers to use the chemistry configuration and latest material for PSA formulation.

Car manufacturers are currently addressing the noise emitted by tires, a significant environmental issue. Adhesive manufacturers have introduced a specially formulated bonding solution to minimize tire-induced noise and interior car noise levels to cope with the problem.

Stringent corporate average fuel economy (CAFÉ) regulations have forced manufacturers to maximize vehicle efficiency by undertaking targeted lightweight solutions. PSAs are becoming popular compared to conventional mechanical fasteners in current vehicular applications.

Sustainability and Convenience in Packaging Applications

The most effective application of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives is in the packaging industry, advancing more sustainable and greener processes and materials. The shift is triggered by the stringent national and global regulations regarding the customer shift towards eco-friendly options and sustainability, which generates promising growth prospects for the PSAs market.

PSAs are becoming common when producing labels and compostable tapes. They are inert and do not need any heat, water, or solvents, making them ideal for fast manufacturing processes. It is proving essential, especially in the post-COVID-19 era where a vast number of the global population is currently moving towards online platforms to cater to their shopping needs, which creates the need for sturdy and secure secondary packaging. PSAs market players have developed designs that offer robust tear-through features that maintain the optimum box integrity.

Development of Tapes, Dressings, and TDDSs in Medical Applications

Healthcare is another sector where pressure sensitive adhesives market is growing due to the constant search for innovation by various healthcare product manufacturers. Silicon-based PSAs are becoming popular when producing biocompatible, hypoallergenic, and non-invasive surgical tapes.

PSAs and tapes have strong adaptability to different types of injuries and skin and minimize bacterial growth by preventing the accumulation of liquids and harmful substances. The recent development includes polyurethane-based PSAs, which are used for manufacturing medical products for individuals with sensitive skin. Soft skin PSAs have high moisture permeability and low skin exfoliation, which are essential for medical applications, including surgical tapes and dressing films.

Medical grade PSA solutions are being utilized to produce Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems (TDDS). It has been credited to the distinct attributes over the conventional adhesive solutions, including biocompatibility, comfortable removal, and adjustable adhesion.

Properties Of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

PSAs bond is established by applying pressure rather than evaporation or chemical hardening. They are available for temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent adhesions that can withstand varying environments and bond with various surfaces. Selecting the correct PSA application is dependent on the backing the adhesive is on and the chemistry of the adhesives.

Below is a list of qualities that determine the usefulness of PSAs in varying situations.


The internal strength of an adhesive determines its ability to stick together under shear forces and high heat. The application is practical when a PSA surface is bonded to contract and expand more than the adhesive.

Peel Adhesion

Adhesion is the strength of a bond formed between the substrate and the PSA. It varies depending on temperature, application method, and adhered surfaces.


The track is the attribute that enables a PSA to saturate a particular surface with adhesive in the formation of bonds. Higher track PSAs are crucial in instant adhesion applications. One of the benefits of using PSAs is that they do not require special equipment when curing. The applications of PSAs are universal, and the packaging industry uses them in temporary holding, box sealing, and package labeling.

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