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Hygge: 5 Ways to Enjoy the Danish Cozy Lifestyle While Traveling



Hygge 5 Ways to Enjoy the Danish Cozy Lifestyle While Traveling

Photo by Mesut Kaya on Unsplash

The idea (or philosophy) of hygge centers around the fact that life can be cozy, connected, and conducive to self-care and a high sense of physical and emotional well-being. And although travel does make for one of the best ways to do something for yourself, it can often become a stressful experience.

According to a recent study, as many as 90% of Americans consider travel a source of stress and anxiety. And even though there’s very little the average person can do about canceled flights, bad weather, or global political events, it is possible to achieve a sense of hygge while traveling.

So, if you’re interested in enjoying the Danish lifestyle on your next trip, here are the top ways to achieve it.

Pick the Right Destination

Nothing will impact the way your vacation goes as deeply as the destination you pick.

For example, a trip to Disneyland with your kids and extended family might be a great adventure. Nonetheless, the very nature of that particular holiday spells out stress.

Of course, that’s not to say that your mindset doesn’t impact how you feel on vacation. You can definitely have an enjoyable and relaxing time, even at the most exciting destinations. However, if you know that you’re someone who easily becomes overwhelmed or doesn’t like big crowds, a more careful choice of your next destination could be the key to getting the rest you need.

And remember, a fabulous, relaxing holiday doesn’t have to mean flying across the globe to a resort in Thailand. You can have just as great (and restful) of a time somewhere much closer to home.

Don’t Let Yourself Become Weighed Down With Unnecessary Baggage

Hygge doesn’t necessarily overlap with minimalism. After all, the philosophy encourages a commitment to a life enriched by indulgences (whether in the form of cake, blankets, or books). However, the cozy lifestyle is based on the idea of enjoying the things that matter in life.

With this in mind, when preparing for a hygge holiday, give yourself the freedom to unburden yourself from the baggage weighing you down.

For instance, if you don’t have to, it’s best you leave your laptop and work phone at home. Similarly, don’t feel like you have to pack tons of clothes and shoes so that you look a certain way just because someone expects that from you. And, of course, don’t think you have to spend a fortune to have a good time. On the contrary, hygge can be achieved by finding smart ways to travel for less.

Instead, allow yourself to be comfortable and relaxed throughout your travels. And, rather than rushing to do as much as humanly possible, perhaps you need to look for ways to transform your next holiday into a laid-back time of enjoying the moment and going with the flow.

Plan for Outdoor Activity

Blankets and fireplaces may be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the hygge lifestyle. Nonetheless, remember that this way of life also encourages a connection with nature.

So, if you want to travel like the Danes, do your best to spend as much time outdoors as you can.

Whether this means going for a nature adventure, cycling around your destination city, or renting a beach hut in Samsø is entirely up to you. What matters is that you make room for spending time in the sun, fresh air, and being surrounded by nature.

Connect with Friends and Fellow Travelers

The cozy hygge lifestyle is just as much about who you’re with as it is about what you do.

So, if you want to make your next holiday as relaxing and remedial as possible, use it as an opportunity to spend time with people. In addition to doing your best to meet a few fellow travelers and interesting locals, don’t forget to plan for some time with the people you traveled with.

In other words, if you’re on holiday with your partner, make sure you enjoy a hearty meal together, spend some time relaxing, and simply enjoy each other’s company.

And if you’re on holiday with a bigger group of friends (or are an extrovert), don’t be afraid to invite people to join in the coziness. In the end, a shared bottle of wine, a roaring fire, and perhaps some cake is an absolutely amazing way to spend an evening and de-stress from your hectic day-to-day life back home.

Plan for Some Self-Care

Finally, if you’re determined to get the absolute most out of your hygge holiday this year, don’t forget to intentionally set some time apart for your favorite form of self-care.

Book a massage, visit a local spa center (and enjoy a few minutes in the sauna), or simply pack your favorite book and get lost in the pages. And remember, enjoying hygge while traveling doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune on various resort treatments. Instead, it means embracing the simple things in life and all the joy they bring us.

Final Thoughts

When traveling, most of us seek something new and different from the things we’re used to experiencing at home. And that’s perfectly normal. After all, despite having the potential to be stressful, travel can be a prime opportunity to reset, relax, and recharge.

But, for it to be that way, it must have that certain simple, cozy element. And the hygge lifestyle perfectly embodies that je-ne-sais-quoi feeling that we all hope to experience on our holidays.

If hygge sounds like just the thing you need, remember that you don’t have to go away from home to achieve it. In fact, you can easily embrace this lifestyle, no matter where you currently are. So don’t feel like you have to wait for your next vacation to enjoy a bit of coziness. Instead, make it your priority, and you’ll quickly see the sentiment starting to emerge in all spheres of your life.

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