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How Online Text Editors are Helpful for Writers



How Online Text Editors are Helpful for Writers

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We all know that authors use MS-word or other alternatives to write content for their blogs or clients.

But in some cases, online WordPad is more advantageous than offline word processing software. Do you know what online text editors are and how they can help content authors?

Reading this article will help you know the advantages of an online Word processor but before that, let’s discuss what are online text editors.

What are online text editors?

Online text editors are the tools that allow authors to insert their text and immediately edit their content. Compared to offline software, there are some additional features in the online tool that authors can benefit from.

Online text editors are available on various websites, and most bloggers use them to edit their blog posts when they are publishing a post on the website.

Below, we have listed the advantages of using the online WordPad for different professions.

1. Easily upload or pasting

Online notebooks are the best way to upload and edit documents, and most online tools offer the upload options in various formats.

Whether TXT, DOC, DOCX, or PDF, online text editors can easily open these formats and enable you to edit these documents.

Not only the content itself, but you can also upload the tables to edit them. For example, adding some values to the table is possible with an online tool.

Online Text Editors

In most cases, these tools are good at instant editing of any document.

For example, if you need to update the account report that was previously created, you may need to add the tables for better presentation.

Instead of opening the report in the downloaded or any concerned software, using an online notepad is a better option.

2. Save / Download option

Whether you change or write the article from scratch using the online tool, you can download/save the document in any format you like.

online text editor

This document can be opened later to make further changes. As a content writer, you may need to send the document in a PDF file.

The best way is to upload the content via the text editor and then download it as a PDF.

Even most LMS and other online platforms accept PDF files, and downloading special converters may not be a good option.

3. No restrictions on words

Some of the word processors may have limitations on editing your documents. For example, some premium tools usually have limitations until you purchase their premium packages.

However, online text editors have no limitations, and you can edit the document even if it contains more than 10,000 words.

online text editors1

Besides, there is no restriction on installing it, as offline word processing usually requires an installation and proper registration, including a paid subscription.

For businesses, text editors are beneficial because they are free and affordable. A company with hundreds of employees will not need to purchase the word processor, but online WordPad is free and useful.

4. Cost-Effective

Do you know how much MS Word costs?

$169 per system. This means you have to spend that amount on a single MS Word. Now, startups, students, newcomer bloggers, and some small business owners may not be able to afford it.

On the other hand, text editors that are available online are free and without restrictions. You do not need to enter your credit card details or further financial details to use them.

5. No registration, easy access

Whether you work in your office or want to edit an important document on holiday, the online text editors are available anywhere and anytime.

To use it, you do not even need to provide your email address, contact details to log on to the site, but you need to enter the text and complete your task.

Another reason for this tool’s popularity is that it can be accessed on any device, from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

This means that business people can edit important documents directly from their smartphone, whether they are traveling or in the office.

6. User-friendly interface

The online WordPad has a simple interface for editing your documents. In the text editors, there are no complex options, rather it offers just some basic options.

The usual options available through online tools are:

• Heading tags
• Adding Table
• Edit font size and style
• Edit other formats
• Add the links to your content
• Save, upload, format the document

These mentioned options are just a few but there are several other options available are just like Microsoft Word and helpful to edit any type of document.


Considering cost efficiency, instant editing, download option, formatting option, accessibility, and other benefits, online edit pads are beneficial and a better choice than offline word processors.

Bloggers can use the online tools immediately if they need to edit blog posts such as heading tags, hyperlinks, or another formatting.

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