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A Complete Guide to Content Marketing In 2021



A Complete Guide to Content Marketing In 2021

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Content is the king, but do we see it that way in practice? We are so busy creating more & more content that we often forget to ask ourselves the basic question of “why, what & how”. Is that the case with you too? There must be thousands or even more blogs, videos & content in other forms on one topic. As per a survey in 2019, users created over 474,000 tweets & 69,444 million Instagram posts every minute. Also, over 300 hrs of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube. We can only imagine the vast number of website pages & blogs that would go live regularly. Do you think that merely producing content will help you score in these statistics? You need to have a well-planned and targeted Content Marketing in 2021 strategy, supported by meaningful & unique content to succeed in the modern world.

In today’s blog, we are going to help you build an amazing strategy with some tips that are going to be your best marketing buddy for this financial year. But to begin with, let’s get the basics right & understand everything about Content Marketing in 2021.

Understanding Modern-Day Content Marketing in 2021

When we think about content marketing, we instantly start thinking about all the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or tools like blogging, and so on. But all these means have gained popularity only recently. What about the time before? Did they not use content to market their products or services?

Content marketing has always been around, even before the Internet came into existence. How? Well, let us tell you that this heavy term has a very simple meaning to it. Content Marketing is all about storytelling, which has been in practice forever, even before humans discovered language. Many brands rather focus on telling consumers about their product features, highlights, etc. But will anyone read when they are not motivated to do so? We’ve seen that our attention automatically moves to people who tell great stories. That is why some brands like Nike, who knew this secret, became so popular despite the massive competition in the footwear industry. They have been telling the story of equality to their audience and portrayed themselves as a force of positive change in society.

Your brand story should be unique and should be relatable for your audience. You cannot wake up one day with a dream and call it your story. Stories are a powerful medium of your success, only if you convey it in the right way, to the right people, at the right time, and the right place. That is what content marketing is all about. Scroll down to know how to hammer content marketing in 2021 with perfection.

Some Content Marketing in 2021 Trends to Follow

Do Not Sell, Build Community

According to a survey, over 75% of people refuse to buy from brands that treat them as users & not individuals. You need to see your audience as humans; identify people with your brand voice and create sharable content that attracts their attention & expands your reach.

The more your reach, the more people are aware of your brand. This helps you create a closely-knit community of people who trust you & are positively engaged with you.

Provide Value To Your Audience With Videos & Webinars

Live video streaming has gained extreme popularity in recent times. This is because it eliminates in-person restrictions, is open to countless people, and is a quick & effective way to communicate with & educate your audience. The consumers get valuable information right from you and learn quickly.

Also, you should create video content that provides value to your audience. You should avoid talking only about your product; such practice can make them lose interest. Make the content engaging and allow the audience to be a part of your webinar or live sessions.

Improve Content Experience

Would you want to VISIT a blog that smashes a pop up the moment you open it? Provide visitors with relevant & valuable content and allow them to read it. They automatically hit the subscribe button if they like it. If you create pop-ups that restrict users from checking out your content without entering their details, it could be a big turn down and might make them exit your website. Even if you want to create a pop-up, allow your customers some time & then trigger it. So that they know what they’re getting into and will willingly provide you with their information. This will help you create valuable leads for the future.

Content Marketing Trends

Focus On Bottom Of Funnel

Content Marketing in 2021 is going to be huge with a noteworthy marketing funnel. While you are creating content to increase your brand engagement and awareness, do not forget that selling your product or service is the bottom line. Many companies create content that is more focused on their product or service offerings. This is especially true for startups who have come up into the market with their product recently. At this stage, they cannot afford to explore an all-new & completely different horizon.

Their key aim is to create targeted content for their buyer persona. You can create content regarding product launch, user integration, and so on.

Content Marketing Funnel for 2021

Unleash The Power Of AI Content

AI is the future of online businesses. AI-powered content is going to become a necessity for the industry. With tools like Contentyze that use AI to collect data and create captions, summaries, or even blogs, creating content has become easier. This does not replace the need for marketing managers or content creators but can assist them in creating powerful & meaningful content.

Another automation tool that can make social media management easier is Hypefury. It’s an AI tool that schedules your tweets, threads, and retweets to be sent out at your set times. You can randomize your schedule for a more organic look, as well as add strict timings for a more organized feel. What’s unique about Hypefury is that it has an Evergreen tweet feature and the Auto-Retweet function that lets you keep your content circulation on the timeline a lot longer than the average tweet. This can not only help you grow your followers but also spread brand awareness within a wider audience.

Repurpose Content Across All Channels

You might create engaging & quality content for multiple purposes on an everyday basis. This leaves you with different write-ups for blog postings, webinars, podcasts, roundtables, etc. If brought together, that can be a lot of content. Then why create more? Why not make the best of what you have first?

It’s important to analyze what you have already created to ace content marketing in 2021. You need to organize all your content at one place that will help you see how you can repurpose this content. Maybe you can use your podcast content for a website blog with some minor tweaks, can’t you?


Online businesses are driven by content. After all, how will you communicate with your audience with a functioning website and product listings? By creating well-planned and valuable content, you can increase your sales by many folds, and drive your business to success. What are you waiting for? Have you made your content marketing in 2021 strategy yet? Do tell us in the comments.

I am a seasoned C-Suite Executive with a keen understanding and focus on offering robust digital solutions. I thrive in developing applications with a tight-knit team focusing on the business goals and user needs. I have a convincing experience in this diverse area of information technology and have helped numerous brands to deliver unmatchable applications. My research on various upcoming technologies has encouraged me to write interesting posts.

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