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How Much Should I Spend On Digital Ad Campaigns? Here’s What the Experts at Stergo Media say!



How Much Should I Spend On Digital Ad Campaigns - Stergo Media

Image by Tammy Duggan-Herd from Pixabay

Wondering what’s the ideal ad budget for your online campaigns? Well, worry no more. We have compiled a reference guide for you with a bunch of valuable insights and pointers thanks to the help of the leading digital marketing agency Stergo Media – exceptionally experienced in the field of digital marketing and helping clients internationally to meet performance results.

Before we begin, a little about Stergo Media. It’s a Dubai-based marketing company that specializes in all types of digital marketing strategies and techniques that businesses use today. Their wealth of experience has taught them a lot, and in this piece, they are going to share some valuable insights on online ad campaigns.

How Much Spend On Digital Ad Campaigns - Stergo Media


Stergo Media has been running digital ad campaigns for over 7 years now for clients from all regions and industries. Their knowledge is remarkably effective and the strategies they plan always work.

From “how much” to “how cost-effective”?

Generally, PPC ads and social media ads including those on Meta (Facebook, Instagram), LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter don’t rely on what you put out there. They mainly rely on how much budget you allocate.

For example, a Facebook or Google ad, during the setup phase, will tell you that you can reach 100,000 people with an ad budget of $500, let’s say – depending on the demographics, interests, and regions you select.

Note that they tell you this before you have added any sales copy or added any creative, video, or carousel. If your ad is especially bad, the platform will show it to more people. If it works magically, it will be shown to fewer people. In any case, you will only reach 100,000 people (roughly) with a budget of $500 – the platform will make sure of that.

It’s not possible to, let’s say, double your reach by using copywriting experts and the best graphic designers who produce the highest quality work.

Digital Ad Campaigns - Stergo Media


So, stick with a nominal budget, run a few campaigns, and then fine-tune accordingly. The first question isn’t how much, it’s about the cost-effectiveness.

  1. Choose a nominal amount that you can spare. Can be anywhere from $100 to $1000 per month.
  2. Run 2-3 campaigns by splitting this budget. Do A/B testing wherever possible.
  3. Track the progress daily and note down the performance metrics and stats.
  4. Now, you have sufficient data to make better decisions, optimize the ad campaign, and fine-tune the targeting.
  5. Choose a new budget depending on what profit you made, if any. Over time, your ad campaigns will become more and more cost-effective as you repeat this process over and over again.
  6. Use an SMM panel like top4smm to automate the rest of your workflow so while the ads run, your social media pages are as active and interactive as possible.

All in all, the budget isn’t the question. You always start small and then grow from there based on the results you get. It’s more about improving your campaigns’ cost-effectiveness to extract the most value out of each dollar you throw at the advertising platform.

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