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How Eco-Friendly Practices Benefit Your Body and the Earth



Eco-Friendly Practices Benefit Your Body and the Earth

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Now that the dangers of climate change are becoming more widespread, it’s no longer a choice of whether you should implement eco-friendly into your daily routine. It’s a must. However, some typically hesitate at the daunting task of finding time to be an advocate for the environment while somehow finding time to take care of yourself. The reality is environmental action isn’t a full-time job. You can make a difference by taking intelligent approaches to regular tasks like buying and eating food, caring for your skin, and going from place to place.

Smart Skin Care

If you’re like many, following a specific skincare routine is likely one of the first things you do daily. You can avoid products that hurt the environment by making tweaks to that routine and being aware of how your creams and ointments are manufactured.

When buying skincare products, research the company and determine if it’s as sustainable as possible. Almost all skincare products can be tweaked for the good of the planet. Look for products that help your skin but also avoid the use of single-use plastics that are quickly discarded and typically aren’t recycled. Many companies can make a big difference by adjusting their supply chains with streamlined transportation, energy-efficient manufacturing processes, and minimized waste. When in doubt, shop the most notable eco-friendly cosmetic brands, like Burt’s Bees and Neutrogena.

In addition, research the production of the actual products. Many products like aloe vera will help you and your skin without hurting the planet. It’s a natural product that you can use daily, and it offers many health benefits, from locking in the moisture in your skin to soothing any burns you may have from sun exposure. The best part is that aloe vera is a sustainable choice because it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. Aloe vera also requires less water than other plants, so there’s less waste, and its production doesn’t hurt the environment, unlike skincare products that use palm oil, which requires extensive unsustainable cultivation that wipes out forests and wildlife.

When you’re looking at beauty products at the store and you want to ensure they’re sustainable, look for those that are labeled as clean, vegan, or plant-based, and do more research if necessary.

Grow Your Own Food

One of the best ways to feel better and help the Earth is to grow your garden. Even before you eat the food you grew, you’ll find that gardening incredibly benefits your physical and mental health. Gardening requires physical labor as you stretch, bend, dig, and move heavy objects back and forth. All of this puts good stress on your body and helps you to stay fit. Plus, there’s a mental health aspect, as you’ll feel accomplished when you watch a tiny seed grow into a hearty plant and know that you were instrumental in making that happen.

Plant various seeds in your garden, including all the go-tos, from carrots to tomatoes, because they all provide health benefits. Kick things up a notch by adding superfood herbs and spices that are easy to grow and are great for your well-being. Basil is a healthy herb that adds great flavor and can help to control your stress. Sage is another winner that is great on poultry and has anti-inflammatory benefits. Garlic is a tasty spice that offers vitamins B6 and C, and cumin provides a good source of iron.

In addition to elevating your dishes and improving your health, planting herbs and spices can also benefit the earth and nature. Flowering herbs, like basil and sage, will attract pollinating insects to your garden and create a thriving ecosystem. There are also herbs, like mint and chives, that deter pests, including spider mites and aphids, so you can enjoy what you grow and eliminate the need to use harmful insecticides that damage the soil and the surrounding environment.

Ditch The Car

Planting a garden also allows you to have more to eat without driving to the store. When you drive in a fuel-injected vehicle, you’re emitting pollution that negatively impacts the atmosphere and makes it harder for everyone to breathe.

Even if you live right down the street from the store, buying products that may be from the other side of the country requires trucks to transport the goods, which also leads to pollution.

Although you can’t control what everyone else does, you can do your part to reduce pollution by shopping locally and walking or riding a bike whenever possible. These alternative ways of getting around produce no carbon footprint, and you’ll get fantastic health benefits. Walking is incredibly good for you because it helps you lose weight, increases your cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness, and leads to stronger bones and improved balance. Cycling is also healthy because it’s a great muscle workout that increases your strength and stamina.

You can live a good, healthy life in many ways while also making the planet a better place. Do what you can and lead by example. Others are sure to follow.

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