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How a Side Hustle Can Help You to Be Successful in 2020



How Side Hustle Can Help You to Be Successful in 2020

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The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the worst in recent history. That’s because of the Covid-19 pandemic that’s rattling the world and the resultant economic downturn. Millions of people lost their jobs as businesses small and large had to close shop due to lack of customers as well as supplies due to pandemic related lockdowns.

In such a bleak scenario, the only thing that could make you successful in 2020 is a side hustle. That’s because a side hustle which gives you an extra income can now replace your main job. Hence, you could use it as your main source of income.

If you wish to know how a side hustle can help you to be successful in 2020, continue reading.

How Side Hustle Can Make You Successful?

There’re different elements of this pandemic and lockdowns, as you would definitely know.  While most of them are unpleasant for us, it’s possible to use some of them to our advantage and become successful. Let’s discuss briefly about some of these elements and features that could help you emerge as winner.

More Teleworking Opportunities

Office work came to a grinding halt across America and the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Social distancing, self-quarantine as well as the lack of public transport and mass transit systems made commuting between home and office almost impossible.

Added to these are woes such restrictions on the number of staff an office can safely have to contain the spread of the Covid-19 contagion.

As a result, almost every business, regardless of its size, have shifted most of their processes to online platforms. This means, you can work from home or any other location. This is one of the basic requirements of starting a side hustle: you should be capable of working from home with full efficiency.

Unfortunately, most organizations found their staff weren’t prepared for work from home. As a result, they’re hiring more freelancers and teleworkers that can complete daily tasks. Check for such tasks on freelancing websites such as and among others. You’ll definitely find some superb ones that match your skills and qualifications.

Affordable Online Training Courses

Another major fallout of the pandemic is seen on the education sector. While reopening of schools and colleges remains uncertain, there’re lots of organizations and professionals now offering superb online training courses at very affordable rates. That’s because they’re aware about people having lesser money to spend. And those who have money are unwilling to spend. Hence, these training courses are available at unbelievably low prices and even for free with printable certificates nowadays.

Added to that are some amazing free courses from the topmost universities of America. These free courses help you to enhance and upgrade you skills in your chosen career and the areas of your side hustle. In fact, it’s easy to acquire these skills and start a side hustle. Generally, employers of freelancers and remote workers look for specific skill sets. These courses can make you successful with a side hustle.

Start Your Own Training Courses

Now let’s look at training courses from an altogether different angle. While you can easily take online courses to upgrade skills, it’s also possible to become an online tutor on the subjects and skills you know. There’re three different ways to become an online tutor and make money to be successful with a side hustle in 2020.

One of these is by registering as a qualified tutor on any e-learning platform that provides live and recorded classroom studies about topics in your profession. And if you’re a teacher or professor, there’re even more chances of getting success with your online training classes.

The second option is by opening a website to offer own classroom training. This can also be done live or with recordings. However, most people prefer live training since it allows them to engage with you as the tutor.

The third option isn’t easy but definitely worth trying. You can create own course with audio, video and text and upload it on any renowned e-learning portal such as Udemy. You can fix the price.

Open Own Blog

One of the way that people can really use in 2020 to be successful is by opening a blog. This blog can be about anything to do with your career and profession or even about your interests and hobbies. In fact, blogging isn’t all that complex or rocket science as one commonly believes. In fact, it’s very simple provided you’re good at writing interesting and engaging articles.

A blog allow you to earn money in three ways. These are Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and accepting paid posts. You can acquire some digital marketing skills online through free or paid tutorials. The best way to start a blog is by opening a website by buying a domain name and hosting.

Start Your Business

Now you might wonder who would want to start a business at a time when giant corporations are closing shop. However, I suggest you to try. You can open an online business by offering handmade stuff on orders. Generally, the affluent buy handmade products. Hence, the demand for such stuff isn’t severely affected by the pandemic.

One of the ways to sell such stuff is Amazon Handmade where you can attract customers from around the world. The second is by opening own marketplace on Shopify or Etsy. And the third by using a wonderful free resource known as Facebook Marketplace. While you have to pay some commissions to use Amazon Handmade and buy subscriptions to Etsy and Shopify, it’s free to open a Facebook Marketplace online store. However, the flipside with Facebook Marketplace is that it will reach customers only within your locality. They also have a paid Facebook Business account which can prove expensive initially.

In Conclusion

These are the top four ways how a side hustle can help you emerge successful in 2020. While there’s no saying when the pandemic and its restrictions will end, you needn’t wait to earn a decent income for family and self.


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