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Easy Passive Income Ideas for Everyone [Infographic]



passive income ideas

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If your day job doesn’t bring in enough cash to cover your bills, or you’re looking for ways to make some extra spending money, passive income is the best way to earn extra income without overbooking yourself.

Passive income isn’t just another side hustle, but it likely requires some work upfront. Everything from writing an eBook to selling stock photos can help you continue to bring in cash without having to spend every weekend working. Writing a book is no small feat, but if you choose a topic you know well, you can knock it out within a few weeks. Continue to occasionally promote it with LinkedIn or a personal blog and you can make money while you, quite literally, sleep.

If you’re less of a creative, try investing to make money as quickly or safely as you like. Index funds can build value quickly and they’re easy to liquidate, but may be a little risky. If you’d like a little cash over time, try money market investments that are much safer and build value through interest.

Still, you can always turn to real estate to make some extra money. Buying your own home is a great way to build longterm value. If you have some extra rooms or an old apartment you’re not using, rent them out to long-term tenants or short-term stays for a large return with little effort on your part.

If you’re interested in supplementing your income, check out these nine passive earning ideas from Mint.

passive income ideas

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