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Home Design Trends That Will Be Huge in 2022



Home design trends that will be huge in 2022

Photo by Vincent Rivaud from Pexels

The recent and ongoing Covid-19 pandemic breakout has taught us many things. One of those things is the fact that we should really enjoy the time we spend in our homes. And we can do that only if our home is well-designed and aesthetically appealing, providing us with utmost comfort. Unfortunately, we had to learn this the hard way as we were in lockdown, forced to spend the majority if not all of our time within the four walls. Nevertheless, every new year brings about fresh trends in a plethora of areas in our life, home design being one of them as well. Let’s see what’s trending in the upcoming 2022.

Home design experts and professionals have compiled a list of trendy designs that await us in the next year. A hot trend that has been on the rise for quite some time, with many people deciding to go for such a home is a sustainable home model. Also since we spend a lot of our time at home, both working and free time, homes with multifunctional rooms are also gaining popularity. Homes with some new, modern features that focus on our health are something we expect to be popular in 2022. Moreover, homes with natural materials, curvy furniture and vintage stuff are also things we predict to see in the modern home of the near future. Also, smart home trends for 2021 were amazing – imagine what the ones for 2022 will bring us!

1. A sustainable home

As people are becoming more and more ecologically aware, they are slowly changing plenty of their life habits. One of the huge things people can change is their home model. Such a model has the power to reduce the carbon footprint we leave on our environment by building sustainable, eco-friendly or so-called green homes. Practice shows that such homes have lower maintenance costs and reduced utility bills. They are also a better investment for their money in the long run. Plus consider all the benefits for our environment. Building an eco-friendly home implies the use of natural materials such as stones and bricks when it comes to the outside part of our home. For the inside, people use repurposed hardwood floors as well as floors that have lower maintenance costs.

2. A multifunctional home

As the pandemic has forced us to spend a lot of our time at home, we needed to make some changes when it comes to the structure and use of some rooms. This was necessary as at some point the whole family was at home and everybody needed to do their own thing, whether it’s study or work. So everybody needed their space. Experts predict that single-use rooms belong to the past and that the future is all about multifunctionality. And it doesn’t stop there – the multifunctionality also refers to furniture as well, serving multiple functions and saving space at the same time. If you feel that your home is cramped and that you don’t have enough space or that it’s not optimal, you can make some changes. CGI professionals can help you visualize how it would look if you’re unsure about whether it would work for you.

3. A health-centred home

We can see some new features on the horizon as well. These features regard our health inside our homes. As everything is quickly advancing, so is home design. Health is quintessential and so the home of 2022 is going to become a ground zero when it comes to healthy living. Some innovations include an air purifier for the whole home, decreased spread of pathogens from tile, among other things. What’s more, designers are working on building homes that are hurricane-resistant.

Home design trends 2022

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4. A home decorated with natural materials

The use of natural materials for building and decoration goes hand in hand with sustainable homes. Materials and furniture made from natural elements add to creating a natural look with their warm hues. When purchasing such furniture or materials check whether its sourcing is ethical. Besides these, the element of nature can also be added with greenery. It somehow makes us feel more connected to nature. So, make sure to put some plants around your home. This is simply a timeless trend.

5. A comfortable home with curvy furniture

We all strive for a comfortable home, a home where we feel relaxed and where we can unwind from an exhausting day. And for such a home, having comfy furniture is key. New home design trends are all about curvy furniture with soft edges. It provides us with both visual and practical comfort. It’s all about round-edge sofas, big floor pillows, soft throw blankets as well as fluffy and statement pillows. This kind of furniture and decor gives a room a more romantic feel, and find them from your nearest furniture outlet centre. Besides these, you can also find tables and chairs featuring soft edges.

6. A home featuring functional home office

Recently, there has been a boom in the number of home offices for many people around the world. And this trend is about to stay. A home office needs to provide you with a quiet space, where you feel good, relaxed and where you actually have the desire to do your job. So, designing a functional home office is not easy, but it’s fun. Different things work for different people, but there are some essentials that everybody needs and the decor is individual. A functional and practical home office needs to work for you – have that in mind when designing one.

Home design trends in 2022

Image by Luis Ricardo Rivera from Pixabay

7. A minimalist home

The trend of less is more is somehow always present, to a lesser or greater extent. Minimalism is known to have a positive visual impact on us. It is soothing and not overwhelming. When we feel overwhelmed by a space, it can create a chaotic feeling in our heads. It confuses us. If you feel that you have too many unnecessary things, it’s high time you decluttered. It’s beneficial for cleaning as well, as it’s much easier and faster to clean a minimalist space rather than a cramped one.

8. A vintage home

Certain trends from the past often experience a comeback, some more and some less. Vintage somehow always finds its way back. It’s now popular to combine some vintage elements with modern features. The result is a modern, edgy look. Shopping for vintage and antique furniture is a great way for decorating in a sustainable way, to it’s two birds with one stone.

If you want to make some changes to your home and way of living, we suggest starting with browsing some ideas online. When you find some things that you like and that you think would work, then find professional help. Professionals can make your dream home come true in no time.

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