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3 Digitized Methods To Preserve Your Favorite Memories



3 Digitized Methods To Preserve Your Favorite Memories

Image by klimkin from Pixabay

Almost all of us have plenty of favorite memories from our past. This could be birthday parties, vacations, holidays and various other instances. Many of these memories are recorded either on video or in photos. We love to look back on these any chance we get to reminisce about the good times of the past.

Unfortunately, these photos and video tapes will eventually deteriorate, essentially rendering them useless. This is very unfortunate and can lead to you forgetting about these important memories or milestones. But thankfully, digitizing them can keep them around much longer and ensure you never lose your precious memories.

Without any further ado, this article is going to go over a couple of methods to ensure you can preserve your favorite memories ever.

Hire a Professional

The first, and perhaps best, way to digitize and preserve your memories is to hire a professional. These services can transfer home movies to dvd and even put all of your memories onto a USB stick to easily store them on your computer and send/share with other family members whenever you see fit. As long as they aren’t deleted from your computer, they should stick around and remain in good quality forever.

These companies are experienced, and can ensure that the job gets done right. It doesn’t take very long, and the relatively affordable costs might surprise you. You simply send them the photos and/or video that you want digitized, and simply wait for them to do the job.

Digitize the Photos or Videos Yourself

If you decide against hiring a professional and want to handle things yourself, that is also an option. It may take some time and a bit of effort, but you can digitize these memories on your own. There will be some tools you need to convert VHS to digital, such as a way to play the tape, a way to convert the content, as well as potentially an adapter and even some software.

While this can all be found, some items may be harder than others and can be expensive. Also, you need to be very careful and ensure you do things correctly. Making even a small error can lead you to have to start from the beginning, or could potentially damage your tapes. Unless you are dead set on doing it yourself, or already have most of the equipment needed, putting your trust in a company that has a long history of digitizing content is often the safer avenue to take.

Create a Family Website

Digitized Methods To Preserve Your Favorite Memories

Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

One of the best things about digitizing photos and videos of your favorite memories is being able to share them with your family and friends. One of the easiest ways to do this is by hosting a web site that will put all of these memories on display, 24 hours a day.

Once your photos have been digitized using one of the above two methods you can simply add photos and videos to the site, to ensure that your family can always view them whenever they want

Also, in many cases you can password-protect the site, to ensure that only your family and friends can view what you put up. As far as the cost of building a website, they are quite affordable today and there are many website builders that make it very easy to start and maintain a site.

Any of these methods can be a fantastic way to preserve your favorite memories, and ensure they aren’t lost over time and can be passed down from generation to generation.

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