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Great Ways to Inspire and Support Your Top-Tier Talent



Great Ways to Inspire and Support Your Top-Tier Talent

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Good managers get the job done, but great managers don’t settle for just the minimum – they inspire, support and motivate their employees to help their team flourish and thrive.

These qualities are not necessarily innate, nor are they overly difficult to learn, provided you have a genuine desire to develop your managerial skills in a positive direction.

If you feel like you could be doing more to support your top talent and help them reach their full potential, here are some important points to watch out for.

1. Promote the Value of Continued Learning

Even the most versatile skillsets can suffer from a lack of continuous education and training. Talent needs nurturing, and one of the best ways to do this is to promote the value of learning.

As technology evolves and the methods of doing business change and improve, so too must your workforce if they aim to stay effective in their roles.

Implementing some great AWS training is a good example of how you can utilize modern technology, in this case, the cloud, to close the skills gap in your workplace and give your team the tools they need to succeed.

2. Remember Your Company Values

In a business arena hellbent on delivering profit, employees are at risk of losing their individuality, their purpose and any meaning in their career.

This can spell disaster for talent, particularly ambitious talent that is seeking out opportunities for personal growth.

If your company has a message, your brand has a point and a set of values, then firmly establishing them in the minds of your team can create a work culture that means more than just the final figure.

It can give your talent a reason to stay and to flourish alongside your business, rather than stagnate or seek other ventures in light of their dwindling passion.

3. Respect Each Other

Respect is a huge aspect when it comes to nurturing talent, and unfortunately, a tremendously basic concept that some people still manage to forget.

Everyone deserves it, and everyone on your team should know they have it.

4. Encourage Ideas

Ideas should be cultivated in business if innovation is to rear its enigmatic presence. The concept of talent being not ‘high enough up the food chain’ to offer ideas is a gruesome and archaic one, so avoid it if you can.

By making it fun to brainstorm and throw ideas out there, your team will likely be more comfortable in offering their thoughts up.

You may even want to take an old school approach and set up an anonymous suggestion box!

5. Recognize Good and Bad Work

Feedback is most effective when it offers constructive criticism, suggestions and direction. This is as simple as acknowledging good work and pointing out room for improvement in bad work.

Without a space to grow into, talent will be left floating without direction, so working on your feedback skills is a must.

A lack of motivation is perfectly natural every now and then, especially after a long day. Sometimes, a catchup session where everyone is free to vent can make all the difference.

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