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Five Ways to Strengthen Links with Your Local Community



Ways to Strengthen Links with Your Local Community

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Many people long for the days when everyone knew their neighbours, food was bought from a corner shop and walking down the street would take hours because people would want to stop and talk. Twenty-first century living has left us chasing our tails, working long hours, and having social commitments that mean we spend less time getting to know those we live near. If you want to strengthen your link with your local community and develop new friendships, here’s how.

Create a Community Garden

Whether you live in a rural area or at the heart of a city, you will know of a patch of land that would benefit from being cared for. This could be a small overgrown area at the end of your road or a larger plot of land. Sowing wildflowers or planting bulbs will bring colour to your community as well as providing a habitat for wildlife.

Celebrate Together

One of the benefits of the coronavirus pandemic was how people pulled together, and clapping for the NHS was a bonding experience for many. The jubilee and coronation have also given people the opportunity to mix with their neighbours through street parties and community events but you don’t need to wait for a royal occasion to gather together. Arrange a BBQ for people to get together in the summer months or a carol singing event in the winter. Celebrating together will help you create friendships as well as memories to last a lifetime.

Foster a Child

Having children in your life forces you to become more integrated with your community – you will be mixing with parents at the school gates, invited to birthday parties at weekends and spending time with other families at the playground. While you won’t foster a child specifically to strengthen your community links, it is a welcome benefit of fostering a child.


Most areas have local projects you can volunteer to get involved with such as helping at a baby group or sorting donations at a foodbank. Volunteering is rewarding and gives you the opportunity to mix with others in your area who share your ideology and passions. People are always grateful of help so find out what is happening in your area that you can support – and if it doesn’t exist yet, you could always start a new initiative that will benefit your community!

Shop Local

The ease of online shopping, as well as the savings offered by bigger companies, has led to small businesses struggling to survive. Supporting local shops is a fantastic way to invest in your community and has additional plusses such as getting to know people who live and work in your neighbourhood. It can even boost property prices as prospective homebuyers are always looking for good local amenities.

Getting more involved in your local community is rewarding and can help you develop new relationships and strengthen existing ones. The more you put into your community, the more you will get out!

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