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Dr. James Murtagh, Advantages of Being a Traveling Doctor



A picture of a stethoscope and other medical supplies a traveling doctor like Dr. James Murtagh might use.

After graduating from medical school and getting through a residency program, doctors have plenty of options to explore in the professional world. Traveling doctors are in demand, allowing them to go where care is needed most. Plenty of doctors each year take advantage of these opportunities, and Dr. James Murtagh is one of them.

His career, which spans over four decades, has allowed him to experience many different situations. He feels there are plenty of advantages to being a traveling doctor and serving everyone across the United States.

What is a Traveling Doctor?

A traveling doctor is a medical professional who travels to different areas to care for those in need. This could be due to a lack of access to health services, or it could be that people want the convenience of having someone come directly to their location rather than traveling somewhere themselves.

Traveling doctors typically have specialized medical training, enabling them to handle various illnesses and injuries. They may also carry specific equipment with them so that they can provide emergency care as needed.

Overall, traveling doctors are an invaluable resource for individuals and communities that cannot easily access healthcare services independently.

If a person needs medical care in an unfamiliar or rural area, it’s worth looking into whether any traveling doctors in the area can assist.

Some typical duties of a traveling doctor include the following:

  • Diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries
  • Performing check-ups and wellness exams on patients
  • Prescribing medication and other treatments as needed
  • Providing routine health care services such as vaccinations, physicals, and immunizations
  • Advising patients on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent illness or injury
  • Collaborating with other healthcare providers and specialists as needed to provide comprehensive care for patients

Traveling doctors need the proper training, experience, and qualifications to provide quality patient care. Opportunities can be lucrative for those willing to travel but can’t be viewed as paid vacation. They often work harder and longer than doctors, mostly staying in one place.

How Dr. James Murtagh Became a Traveling Doctor

Dr. James Murtagh has done a lot that would fall under a traveling doctor. While he’s worked directly with organizations locally, one community he became involved with is the Flying Doctors of America.

This is an organization where physicians will go around the world to provide medical services to communities that don’t have adequate healthcare.

Flying Doctors of America attempts to identify some of the most in-need areas that they can impact in a short amount of time. Having medical professionals with different types of expertise helps to treat a wide array of problems.

Dr. James Murtagh’s primary focus includes pulmonary disease care and sleep apnea treatment. Not only is he a medical practitioner, but his research in the area allows him to help local medical professionals when traveling.

What are the Biggest Advantages of a Career as a Traveling Doctor?

A picture of a traveling doctor grasping the hands of their patient for comfort.

There are a few advantages to being a traveling doctor. While not everyone can make it work with their schedules, many in the medical field look into it for one of these four reasons.

Flexibility is one of the primary benefits of being a traveling doctor. Working this way allows people to stick to their schedules and adapt to changing circumstances.

Whether someone is working with a team or independently, they can choose where and when they want to go. This also means they can take time off whenever necessary, whether for family commitments or other obligations.

Another critical advantage of traveling as a doctor is the chance to see new places and experience different cultures worldwide. Even if a person doesn’t travel frequently or far from home, having an adventurous spirit is essential for any medical professional.

Being a traveling doctor offers the opportunity to help people in need. Whether providing primary medical care or assisting during humanitarian crises, this gratifying career path will allow doctors to make a real difference in large and small communities.

Finally, the money aspect can’t be ignored. While some traveling doctors donate their time and energy, working full-time as a traveling doctor can be lucrative. It all depends on the opportunity that pops up.

How Long Will Dr. James Murtagh Continue His Career?

With over 40 years of experience as a doctor, some might wonder if Dr. James Murtagh is starting to slow down. Being a traveling doctor can be rewarding and a great opportunity, but it does take a toll on people the older they get.

Currently, Dr. James Murtagh shows no signs of stopping his practicing career. He is diversifying more than anything, pursuing different interests along the way. It’s not all about traveling, as he has plenty to keep him busy inside and outside the office.

While he might be slowing down ever so slightly, the opportunity to travel as a doctor is only growing. Some people travel full-time as part of their work, and others donate a little time here and there to help. Whatever the case is, organizations are trying to shrink the world and make proper health care that much more reachable.

Specialization will always stand out in the industry, as there’s a need for different treatments for severe problems. Both sleep apnea and pulmonary disease can get out of hand if not treated promptly. Adding Dr. James Murtagh to a group of traveling doctors is a huge positive since he brings something different to the table.

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