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6 Reasons to Work in the Medical Field in 2022



6 Reasons to Work in the Medical Field in 2022

Image by Tung Nguyen from Pixabay

The medical field has been and will always be one of the most crucial parts of human existence. The medical field is essential because human life depends on it. Because of medical practitioners, many lives have been saved.

Because of medicine, many families have escaped the pain of mourning their loved ones who would have died. Vaccines and cures have been provided for different diseases, and life expectancy has improved.

No wonder most people venture into the medical field. There is so much heroism and fulfillment associated with the field. Most people are excited to be a part of those who save lives and take human health to the next level.

While the medical field has popular professionals within, like doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and so on, there are also other professionals that are not so popular.

One of such is pharmacy technicians. Pharmacy technicians are professionals that work hand in hand with pharmacists. They are in charge of carrying out basic tasks.

If you have a desire to work in the medical field but need concrete reasons why you should, here are some reasons that will encourage you.

1. Learning Never Stops

One field where continuous knowledge is critical is the medical field. No matter your medical profession, you need to always be up-to-date. Not just for your personal development but also to advance in your career.

Doctors, nurses, and other professionals have their requirements for continuing education. Even pharmacy technicians need to pass PTCB exams to get the PTCB certification.

With Medical Hero, pharmacy technicians can scale through their pharmacy technician practice tests, as well as pass their PTCB exams. They can get the needed PTCB online course for free. There is no need for physical classes.

With the internet, pharmacy technicians can get access to the PTCB online practice test. With a PTCB certification, pharmacy technicians can get a raise in salary and advancement in their careers.

Every day, new discoveries, treatment methods, and drugs are introduced. And medical workers are privileged to be at the forefront.

2. It is Prestigious

The medical field is a very prestigious line of work. This may not sound sensible, but everyone wants to be associated with a respectable job. For some other lines of work, working is just to make ends meet. But in the medical field, your job is needed to support patients.

You can give patients hope and a chance at life. This makes the field very prestigious and well respected. Every day, you have a very positive contribution to maintaining people’s health. Certainly, this will come with a measure of respect. Even the public recognizes the effort of health workers and accords them the respect required.

3. Financial Security

Reasons to Work in the Medical Field

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Another reason why you should venture into the medical field is because of the financial security it offers. The medical field puts human life above money, but we all know that money is a major determinant of our career choice.

While saving lives is the first call of duty, a fat paycheck does not hurt at all. The medical profession comes with a lot of stress and demands much time. But the high earnings can serve as compensation and mental relief.

You can comfortably pay your bills and take care of yourself and your family if you have any. Also, different healthcare roles have their specific. While a pharmacy technician may not earn the same as a doctor, they can earn more once they acquire a PTCB certification.

There are platforms with free pharmacy tech study guides. All you need to do is dedicate time to the PTCB practice tests. When you get certified and earn higher, it will be all worth it.

4. Job Opportunities

Still need more convincing? The medical field is never short of opportunities. Human health is a factor that needs continual improvement. There’ll always be room for more practitioners.

The medical field is ever growing and evolving and more job opportunities will be created with coming years. There is no fear of running out of jobs because there’ll always be sick and needy people.

The only limitation you may encounter is not being up-to-date. Position yourself in a way that you continually seek to improve. As a nurse, keep learning; as a pharmacy tech, begin your PTCB practice test. Do whatever you have to remain relevant. Choose to be an asset and not a liability.

5. Flexible Schedules

Medical attention is needed 24/7, and as such much medical jobs allow you to run shifts. Obviously, medical practitioners cannot work all through the day and night. This permits them to work during the day and rest at night or vice versa.

This is one of the cons of working in the medical field. Some other jobs do not allow for shifts, and you have to work 9 to 5. But with shifts, you can have more time to yourself. Registered nurses and pharmacy technicians are some key beneficiaries of this goodness. Running shifts will also give more room to dedicate for pharmacy tech practice tests online if you are still trying for one.

6. Interesting Work Environment

The work environment in the medical field is a vibrant and stimulating one. You get to experience something new every day, meet new colleagues and patients, and also make friends. In some fields, you get to travel to new places, solve new problems and experience different lifestyles.

Also, if you are someone who hates sitting in a place, an urgent care environment will keep you on your feet. You get to be agile all through your work hours.


All in all, the medical field is a sector that is worth going into. There are many perks associated with it. You get to put smiles on people’s faces and restore hope to the ones you can. Many people owe their lives to medical professionals. You have the opportunity of being one of such heroes.

However, to be relevant in the medical field, you have to be intentional with improving yourself. There are courses you can learn, and you can also attend meetings and seminars. The medical field may be demanding, but the fulfillment and advantages attached to it are worth the while.

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