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Best Business Directory Plugins for WordPress in 2021



Best Business Directory Plugins for WordPress in 2021

Business Directory can help the client to look for top-class service providers in any given category or niche. Moreover, directories can also enable the companies to search for potential buyers. Business directories are also an excellent means for website owners to make money by advertising the paid listings in the business directory. Now, do you need the best directory plugin for WordPress? Here, we have rounded off some of the best business directory plugins for WordPress in this article. Let us get started and address them one by one.

Sabai Directory

‘Business owners looking for a premium directory plugin for their WordPress website can opt for the Sabai Directory,’ advises Jason, an online educator who offers java assignment help services.

The Sabai Directory can help businesses build a community-driven directory, similar to Yahoo! Local or Yelp. The users can look for listing by distance, keywords, location, and category on this directory. Moreover, the plugin can also provide you with user-friendly auto-suggestions. On the Sabai Directory, you can also find an array of rating and review options. You also have a feature that can let you claim your current business as your own.

For visitors, too, this plugin can be helpful. It enables the users to add photos to the business listing. Users can also add comments on the other visitor’s pictures or reviews. Furthermore, users can flag reviews, listings, comments, and photographs, which might be inapt or fake. Consequently, this directory can be of use for both employees and the customers to regulate the website. Hence, utilizing this plugin, the business can ensure that everything listed, be it feedback or information, is accurate and fair.


‘If you want to build a gigantic global directory on your website, then GeoDirectory can be your go-to pick. It has one of the best search interfaces available,’ comments Peter, an educator who offers online ‘do my assignment for me‘ services.

Well, we agree with Peter on this. Further, if you need a free directory, then there is none better than GeoDirectory. Having this plugin installed makes it convenient for the users to look precisely at what they need without compromising the website’s visual appeal and exterior.

With this website plugin, you get a front-end form, enabling other users and businesses to present their listings. Consequently, with GeoDirectory, escalating your listing is a cakewalk.

Once you have the GeoDirectory plugin installed, it is easier for visitors to search for a business on your website. Suppose a user tries to search for a business, then GeoDirectory will present the listings based on proximity. It implies the options that are nearest to the visitors will appear on the top.

An advantage of the GeoDirectory plugin is that it is integrated with Google Map. So, alongside every listing on the directory, you can find a clickable and a large map. Moreover, from the map shown itself, the users can search for the locations. So, there is absolutely no need for them to leave your website.

As discussed, it is a free plugin. So, typically, most of the features in this plugin are free. However, if you need some add-ons, you will have to pay for them. Some of the add-ons that you can buy are:

1. Events
2. Reviews
3. Paid listings
4. Option for businesses to “claim” their listing
5. Advanced search
6. Multi-location support

Since the GeoDirectory is multi-site compatible, its functionality is only improved further. So, this is the perfect directory plugin for website owners who wish to create a network of directories. Web developers can also include this directory on their client’s websites. Lastly, if you want to create a directory-based website from scratch, you can consider shopping for the directory themes listed in the plugin. However, the good thing is, the plugin is compatible with all the themes. So, there is no obligation, per se. Thus, this directory plugin is perfect for anyone who wishes to build a scalable and large business directory.

Business Directory Plugin

‘If you need the best all-around business directory for your business, then the business directory plugin can be a suitable pick for you,’ advises Harry, an educator who offers finance homework help services.

The best part about this plugin is that it can be personalized to cater to your needs. It is a scalable plugin and provides you with absolute image support. Further, the installation and the setup process are simple. Another incredible fact about the Business Directory Plugin is that it is integrated with the Yoast SEO plugin. So, if you wish to link keywords with the Google Searches, this feature can come in handy. Monetization with the plugin is relatively straightforward. You can process recurring payments with it. In this plugin, there are three plans available. You can browse through the offerings of each of the three plans, compare them with your needs, and pick one that closely matches your needs.

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