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How Data Science Is Helping the Fintech Industry to Solve Business Problems



How Data Science Is Helping the Fintech Industry to Solve Business Problems

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Data science is now a global phenomenon. It has been impacting every industry. If you run any company today, all the big data you obtain doesn’t have to go to waste. Instead, you can use data science to obtain meaningful insights from such data. Data science combines the power of mathematics, machine learning, visualization, data analysis, and artificial intelligence.

The Fintech industry is one sector affected by the strength of data science. It is now using data science to solve problems that for long looked insurmountable. Here is how the Fintech industry is resolving business problems through data science.

Fraud Detection

Fraud is one of the problems that have for a long time looked undefeatable in the financial sector. Fraud has led to a decline in the financial stability of some blue-chip companies. Courtesy of data science, the problem of fraud is now finding a solution. Fintech companies can today prevent, detect and predict fraud.

Using machine learning techniques, Fintech companies can tell the probability of a fraud transaction. Thus, unlike other methods, data science is accurate in fighting the fraud menace.

Credit Risk Evaluation

Like fraud, default cases have led to the fall of companies. Improper assessment of clients before lending is one reason why there are defaults. Using data science, accessing a customer’s creditworthiness becomes much simpler.

Using data science, you can easily access data on a borrower. You will see their history of paying liabilities. Data science allows lenders to rely on many data sources before deciding a customers’ creditworthiness. Data science techniques such as logistics regression will help any lender to separate bad and good borrowers.

Credit risk is not the only risk facing financial institutions. Fintech companies can build models for predicting, detecting, and preventing risks for all types. Companies like Cane Bay partners are experts in formulating risk assessment models. According to Cane Bay Partners CEO, data-science risk assessment models are effective.

Expanding the Client Base

Data science helps finance companies to create new customers and to keep existing ones. Using data science, financial institutions may use external and internal data to create unique personalized offers for every customer. Using data science, you may even tell what a customer may purchase in the future.

Fintech companies are building algorithms to predict what a customer will buy. The algorithms will check the customers’ past purchases and make an accurate prediction. Data science is also enabling Fintech companies to categorize the best products for every demographic of people. For instance, you can know which product to promote to a certain age group. Besides, data science can help you to analyze customer behavior and make product improvements. You will even predict how customers will react to these product improvements.

Insurance Products

The Fintech industry is also using data science to solve problems in insurance. One problem in the insurance industry is separating fraudulent and non-fraudulent claims. Using data science algorithms, making that distinction is easy.

Through data science, the insurance industry can access customer profiles and create personalized insurance products. Accessing customer profiles through data science is also enabling personalized insurance marketing.


For every investor, getting objective advice in real-time is essential. Robo-advisors will furnish you with such advice. They use data science algorithms to access data from many sources and to derive meaningful insights. Their insights have no human manipulation. Compared to conventional advisors, Robo-advisors are cheap.

New problems keep on coming up in the financial sector. However, through the power of data science, Fintech companies will have an easy time finding solutions. Moving into the future, expect more use of data science by the Fintech industry.

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