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A Guide to Harnessing the Power of OTT Advertising



OTT Advertising

As viewers continue shifting their viewing habits to various digital formats, brands must respond by harnessing the power of OTT advertising.

OTT offers a new channel for advertisers to reach audiences on their preferred devices. With the right strategy and approach, OTT can be a powerful part of a holistic marketing campaign.

Streaming Content

As more and more people cut the cord from cable TV, OTT (over-the-top) advertising has emerged as a powerful way to drive brand engagement. Unlike traditional television, ott advertising can be personalized and trackable to target the right audience at the right time.

Streaming content can be delivered through smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, and smart TVs. It can also be transmitted as smaller pieces of data, so it doesn’t require downloading or uploading.

With OTT advertising, brands can combine the benefits of TV and digital ad formats to create a seamless campaign experience for their audiences. This makes it easier to track and analyze campaigns and improve their performance with data-driven capabilities.


OTT advertising offers an additional opportunity to engage your audience with personalized ads that align with their interests. This can be especially useful for retargeting customers who have abandoned their shopping cart or shown general interest in your business.

You can track how your ads impact key metrics like website form submissions and conversions using programmatic OTT ad buys. Those are powerful metrics that brands aren’t typically tracking and can be used to optimize your ad spend.

As data privacy-led industry changes continue to impact how marketers target audiences, OTT remains a strong platform for advertisers to shift their budgets. OTT programmatic ad buys allow advertisers to curate audiences based on addressable household geofencing and individual zip code targeting.

Reaching a Wider Audience

OTT advertising reaches viewers where they’re most likely to see it: on the content they’re already watching. A strong OTT strategy can deliver higher engagement rates than traditional advertising methods.

Unlike TV ads, which typically play for long periods, OTT ads often only take up a short space between shows or movies. This makes it easier for audiences to stay focused and engaged while watching their favorite shows or films.

Moreover, with OTT advertising, brands have more control over their campaigns than they would with traditional TV ads. They can pause or restart campaigns and quickly switch platforms if results don’t meet their expectations.


Cross-platform advertising is a key marketing tool for brands. It allows them to present a consistent message across multiple channels and extend their reach to capture consumers’ attention no matter where they are.

However, getting your timing and targeting right is just as important as reaching the right customers. With it, your ad will be well-spent.

When done effectively, cross-platform marketing helps improve conversion rates and increase brand credibility. It also enables businesses to track and follow consumer behavior across different platforms, resulting in more successful customer engagement.


The power of OTT advertising goes beyond streaming, as it allows brands to reach their target audience directly in the living room or on mobile devices. The ability to bring a commercial to the right people at the right time is a powerful tool that saves resources and increases efficiency.

OTT ads can target specific age groups or interests, unlike traditional TV ads. This means you can show your ad to people in a particular region or who are interested in fitness, music, or sports.

Moreover, OTT offers cross-device matching that helps you deliver ads to a wider range of devices and platforms. As a result, you can effectively reach your audience across screens and create a connected cross-channel experience that strengthens brand engagement.


OTT advertising is a great way to engage viewers and encourage them to talk about your brand. This is important because it increases brand awareness and fosters customer loyalty and retention.

Engagement with ads is essential because it helps brands delve deeper into consumer personas and offer content that fits their interests. This is particularly true for OTT advertising, which can be a great way to engage with audiences in real-time.

However, this ad strategy requires a lot of effort and planning. It also takes time to see results.

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