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8 Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair



8 Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

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Your hair can make or break your overall look, we all have been in a place where our day just went bad because we were having a super bad hair day. The more you care for them the better they behave, however some days they are just in their own mood. Dealing with hair on their bad days just kill our whole vibe and upsets us. This is the main case with most of the girls and guys out there, therefore it is said, one who takes care of his/her hair takes care of his/her whole body or look.

We all can agree to the fact that bad hair days turn into bad overall day, the better your hair behave the better your overall mood will be. Having voluminous and bouncy curls or straight hair often feels like a far-fetched dream. Moreover, we are pretty much aware of the fact too that most of them go quite overboard too. Not everything that you see online or on the TV is real, but you can reach quite to the level of those hair, with some hair care tips. If you are short on budget and want something budget friendly tips you can always avail doctor 4 u discount codes and have luscious and silky hair that you have always dreamt of having.

Apart from the medicated ones, following are a few of the many hair care tips that you can adopt in your daily routine.

1. Regular wash

There is misconception widely followed all over the world that washing hair regularly ends up drying your scalp. This notion is entirely wrong, if you do not wash your hair on the daily basis, chances are you would accumulate a lot of oil and dirt. However, there should be a right balance of it. The frequency of washing your hair depends on the type of the hair you have along with the personal preferences. In case you have dry hair, we recommend you wash your hair twice a week. On the other hand, if your scalp is oily, wash it on the alternate days.

2. Go for chemical free shampoos

Treating your hair with chemicals all the time just ruin their texture, therefore it is highly recommended to go for the shampoos that are sulphate free. Controlling the environmental factors is just not in our control and they drastically damage your hair as well. However, you can control the chemicals that you are using on your hair. Lesser chemicals you are putting on your hair the better your hair condition will be. Its better to go for the gentle shampoos that perfectly suit your hair type.

3. Condition the right way

Most people do not think it’s important to condition your hair, shampooing them is not enough. You need something that can keep your hair moisturized and manageable and that is where you need a conditioner. It keeps your hair saved from the heat styling and environmental aggressors. Nevertheless, you have to ensure you are applying it on your hair tips only and not on the scalp. Also wash it off thoroughly or else you will be ruining your hair.

4. Naturally dry your hair

Your hair needs to breath, stop using heat products more frequently. Give them some space to dry without using a blow dryer. Blow drying daily undoubtedly gives your hair a better and more manageable look. But excessive use of the heat styling tools can ruin your hair and scalp. Make sure you are using such tools on the important events only. When you have nowhere to go, towel dry or air dry your hair. Also never make the mistake of sleeping with wet hair or even combing the wet hair. Treat your hair gently and do not harsh comb them.

Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

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5. Oiling is important

We know you have had a pretty hard and long week and you do not have enough time to oil your hair. Or who even oil the hair in the current era? It sounds pretty old fashioned? And outdated? No matter how modern you think you are and how old fashioned you think hair oiling is, make it your weekly habit. When you massage your hair or oil them you are improving your scalp’s blood circulation. It relaxes your muscle, enhances shine and ends up nourishing them.

The best way to oil them is to apply warm oil and keep your head wrapped with a towel, it will allow the oil to work its magic. You can further consider it as a mask that will just simply soothe your hair cuticle before you shampoo them. It is going to result in minimizing the friction between hair strands.

6. Wide toothed combs are savior

Most people do not pay much heed to the kind of comb they are using on their head. This is where they make one grave mistake. Combing wet hair is never recommended as they are pretty fragile and are quite prone to breakage as well. We recommend you let your hair air dry and when you need to brush them use a wide toothed comb. Such combs prevent damage to your hair.

7. Natural style them

Be confident in the kind of natural hair you have, the more you are going to use the external tools and chemicals on your hair, the worse they are going to be. We all love gorgeous curls and sleek straight hair look, however, treating them with the heating tools can be pretty damaging for your hair. Make sure you are limiting the use of such tools for the occasions only. If you think, it is not something you can do, you need to invest in some professional and good quality heat protectant spray or serum first.

8. Eat Healthy

All the hair and skin care tips go down in the drain if you are not eating healthy. The phrase, “you are what you eat” is legit. Amino acids and proteins. Your hair needs right nutrition and proteins to grow healthy and maintain itself. Make sure you are adding fish, green vegs, nuts and effs in your diet to have some healthy and luscious hair.

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