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How To Choose the Right Hairbrush for You



How To Choose the Right Hairbrush for You

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To get the lovely head of hair you desire, proper hair care is so important. Shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in and styling products all contribute to keeping your locks shiny, full of bounce, and touchably soft. One thing you might not be considering is how your hairbrush can help your hair. Of course, you can run to your corner drugstore to pick up any old hairbrush they have available, but is it really what your hair needs?

There are many types of hair, and all of them are looking for something a little different from their hair care– including hairbrushes. Some styles of hairbrush are excellent for every kind of hair while others are better for thick or fine or super curly hair. Today, you are in luck as you will find an excellent list of some of the top hair brushes coming out of Europe right now.


Msmissy is a company out of Norway renowned for its high-quality hairbrushes. Born out of founder Sara Nilsen’s desire to have a hairbrush that didn’t do further damage to her delicately fine hair, Msmissy’s Ms. Proper hairbrush has all the oil-distributing power of a natural, boar bristled brush and the gentle detangling of a nylon wet brush. Its design makes it perfect for use on wet or dry hair of any type. As a bonus, the brushes are designed in such a way that they stimulate blood flow to the scalp, and therefore increase hair growth.

Instyle Hair

Instyle Hair was founded by Beatrice Morton in the mid-90s after she had immigrated to Sweden from Ghana and found their hair care supplies to be lacking diversity. The company has flourished and is a leading supplier of hair care products for many different ethnic backgrounds. Even curly girls need a good detangling brush and the EZ Detangling Brush is perfectly made to be gentle on those tight 3a to 4c curls. With a lot of give in its design, this brush won’t destroy your curls’ structure as many other detanglers can.


BEAUTYCOS touts itself as being the largest supplier of salon-level hair care tools and products in Denmark but is priced to be more affordable to you. They carry all the brands you might recognize as power players in the hair care world. As for brushes, they carry a lot of excellent brands, one of which is Tangle Teezer. Their blow styling paddle brush is specifically designed to withstand the heat of a blow dryer and decrease drying time. This means you get gorgeous silky hair without too much damaging heat put on it.

Balmain Paris Hair Couture

Balmain Paris Hair Couture is synonymous with luxury and sophistication. Part of the Balmain fashion house, they drew inspiration from behind the scenes of the fashion show catwalks to bring the public the secrets of their stunning, picture-perfect looks. Since they are also known for their high-quality hair extensions, it seems fitting they would also design the perfect brush to handle this. Their extension brush has supple nylon bristles created to properly detangle and smooth all of the hair without damaging the bonds of the extensions. Regular brushing is an important part of extension aftercare.

Perfect Hairbrushes for the Perfect Mane

Hair brushing is essential for the proper care of any type of hair. The world of hair care has created a brush for nearly every hair type; you just need to know where to look. Take the time to get to know your own hair before starting down the path of finding the right brush for you. Once you know what sort of hair you have you’ll know what brush, or brushes, you’ll need to style it perfectly.

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