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6 SEO Trends to Boost Your Rankings In 2022



6 SEO Trends to Boost Your Rankings In 2022

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

As a business owner, you understand the importance of resilience. Google changes its algorithms from time to time, and it’s up to you to keep your site updated. Sometimes, ranking factors shift, making previous efforts stop being useful. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore embracing new trends with the fear of them becoming useless in the future. Keep reading to find out which SEO trends will boost your rankings through 2022.

Valuable Content

Having valuable content on your site is an SEO trend that doesn’t change. For a visitor to be satisfied and trust your site, they have to find valuable content that clearly gives solutions to their problems. Otherwise, they will just click back and search other sites. For you, that means losing a potential client.

To create valuable content, aim to meet the demands of your visitors, on top of impressing Google bots. Remember to also create interactive content that not only attracts but retains users’ attention easily.

Image Optimization

If you don’t optimize your images properly, you will be wasting a very useful SEO asset. Google is always insisting that images be optimized, as doing so comes with several benefits such as faster loading time, enhanced user experience, and more ranking opportunities. Optimizing images is simple.

It simply means adding high-quality and relevant images to your site, choosing the right image format, compressing images, among other practices. A Dallas SEO company can also optimize images for you and also implement all the other SEO trends on a professional level.

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets greatly help in ranking. Although you can’t dictate that your content appears in the snippet, there are some strategies you can put in place to improve the chances of it appearing there. These include answering a specific question in well-structured content. You should also format your content properly using header tags.

Mobile SEO

Ensure your site performs well on mobile devices, too, since more people are using smartphones to search the web, and the number is expected to grow even more. If you only focus on SEO for desktops, you will greatly miss out on your mobile rankings, and you can even get penalized.

User Experience

The satisfaction of users is also very relevant when it comes to SEO success. In simple terms, user experience refers to a user’s interaction with your channel. Visitors should find valuable content, intuitive menus, optimized images, fast-loading pages, and other elements that make their interaction with your channel simple and barrier-free.

Video Content

Video marketing has gained immense popularity in recent days. It can greatly help your website rank on the top pages when utilized properly. One factor that makes videos improve your rankings is that they encourage people to stay longer on your site. Search engines are able to recognize valuable content by determining how much time people spend on your site, and they reward sites where visitors stay longer. Videos, when done properly, are also good at engaging and convincing visitors to consume your products.

SEO trends are always changing. Being aware of these shifts and implementing them helps a business prepare adequately and prevent penalties and a drop in the rankings of its sites. This, in turn, keeps it ahead of its competitors. If you are just starting on SEO, it’s good to understand that it’s not a one-time thing. You need to dedicate time to make updates and check whether your campaign is meeting your marketing goals if you want to succeed.

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