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5 Latest Online Crossword Games To Play



5 Latest Online Crossword Games To Play

Photo by Melinda Gimpel on Unsplash

Solving online crossword puzzles is a pronounced way to exercise your mind as they equally challenge you and add productivity to your day. If you’re good with words and solving puzzles excites you, then crossword puzzles are the way to go. You can use a free and unique word finder tool that can help you to expand your vocabulary and provide you with all possible word combinations. Moreover, crosswords test your vocabulary and, at the same time, delight your brain amidst the fun of solving them. Modern technology ensures you have these online and offline crossword games as applications make it easier for you to play. Therefore engage your neurons to improve your intelligence by trying the online crossword games below even when on the go.

1. Daily Commuter Crossword

Most of us commute daily to school or work, and what a great way to distract yourself from the train or bus than through solving the daily commuter crossword. This particular game employs straightforward hints that are equally appealing to new puzzle-solving users or individuals with limited time. This is a significant advantage to the user as you don’t have to engage in one game for a very long time. This means that you can complete one game daily within the time you commute to whichever place you’re going. You can find this game online anytime you want to solve puzzles, as it is available online at all times.

2. Stan Newman’s Easy Crossword

Online Crossword Games To Play

Photo by Ross Sneddon on Unsplash

Stan Newman’s crossword puzzle is an easy puzzle that trains your brain prominently and provides the user with critical problem-solving skills. You get introduced to the fascinating world of word puzzles while sharpening the mind for more significant challenges. Furthermore, you can equally test your observation skills as you solve fun hints to complete the puzzle. You can also play with friends and family to make this game more fun; additionally, you can have a dictionary with you as you play and try the puzzles regularly as there are new puzzles to solve daily. Worry less when you face complex tasks as answers are provided through the crossword answers 911, a website with solutions to challenging puzzles.

3. Sheffer Crossword Game

Eugene Sheffer found this popular word puzzle with a balanced degree of easiness and difficulty, which is hard to attain in several crossword puzzles. It provides you with complete cultural education because anyone who plays this game can answer absolutely any kind of question. Additionally, the game offers answers and clues with the reveal function, making the game more interesting. Moreover, this game appeals to players of all abilities and ages and will help boost your word power and upsurge your mental agility.

4. Boatload Crossword Puzzles

Find a vast collection of puzzles for free online when you log in to the boatload puzzle game. This game highly motivates you to play daily as a starter because it provides easy puzzles that make your brain get used to the crossword’s clue format. It equally provides the frequent player with a series of daily puzzles, and additionally, the game also allows you to entrench it on your website.

5. Aarp Online Crossword Game

Online Crossword Games

Photo by Laine Cooper on Unsplash

The AARP crossword puzzle is completely free online to anyone willing to play, and with this game, you get to enjoy hours of fun solving more than a thousand puzzles. In addition, you can improve your brain’s speed through this game. You can make a free account if you don’t want to play as a guest daily. This enables you to keep track of your progress as your information and scores are stored each time you play. Crossword players who love competition have an advantage here as the scores are publicly ranked for members signing up for membership. This lets you know where your score stands in relation to other players and allows you to compete, making it more fun.

Other online crossword games to play include;

  • Crosswords for kids are specifically for children and helps them learn new vocabulary and spelling.
  • The Los Angeles Times Crossword provides daily crosswords for the everyday puzzle solver.
  • The New York Times Crossword
  • The Washington Post online crossword puzzle has puzzles that are easy to use with an online interface.
  • Foreign language crossword puzzles-available for second language learners or individuals who enjoy solving the puzzles in their first language
  • The Guardian Cryptic Online Crosswords-has diabolical hints that provide a challenge to the user
  • Rockwell Museum Crossword puzzles
  • Crossword Puzzle Free
  • Mind Food Daily Online Crossword puzzle


Participating in the above online crosswords flex those brain muscles and delays the onset of memory lapse. Also, you don’t essentially have to be a genius or an expert to handle the puzzles. You only have to try a puzzle daily or a few times a week, and by this, your brain gets enough stimulation to improve memory and function for some time. Remember that there’s no satisfying feeling as having to fill in the last square of the puzzle with the correct letter, notwithstanding the method or approach you used to complete the task. Therefore enjoy that satisfaction by trying the above online crossword games to get you started.

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