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5 Best Free Website Builders: Their Pros & Cons



Best Free Website Builders

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Website building is no longer tedious, thanks to a wide range of website builders available online. Most of these website builders are free and allow you to make a website in minutes. They come with captivating themes, various plugins, and many templates that allow you to design your website as per your requirements. Here, we’re going to review the 5 Best free website builders that you can use to make your website without investing much. So, let’s get started!

5 Best Free Website Builders

1. Strikingly

free website builder strikingly


Strikingly is an easy-to-use free website builder that allows you to build a website fast. However, it’s mostly used to develop single-page websites as it comes at the expense of creative control. If you’re looking to build a personal website, Strikingly is a great option as it comes with a wide range of plugins helpful for creating a stylish website design. You can make almost any type of website except for complex business. It provides plenty of templates for creating a portfolio, store, small company, or event website.

Strikingly allows easy fonts, headers, text size, and color customization. You can impart animations in your website design by going in the style option. Strikingly is available in two plans: Free Plan and Paid Plan. The free plan comes with signup forms and allows you to send newsletters and emails from the dashboard. However, if you want to activate the live chat, you need to get paid plan. The paid plan is available for $8-$59 a month.


  • User-Friendly Website Editor
  • Extensive collection of templates
  • Easy Customization
  • Best to build personal websites
  • One online store product for free websites


  • You can make only one-page websites with the free plan
  • SSL certificate is not available in the free plan
  • Template customization restrictions

2. Wix

Wix free website builder


Wix is currently the most popular free website builder available online. It’s an advanced but simple website builder with many user-friendly features. Wix is an incredible option for building a website, especially for beginners who don’t have how know of about website development.

One major feature that makes Wix stand apart from its counterparts is its intuitive ADI (Advanced Design Intelligence). It allows you to create almost any type of website after answering some basic questions about your website design requirements. The Wix ADI allows you complete freedom to customize your website using custom images and text styles. The Wix template library provides you with a collection of more than 500 templates with a drag-and-drop editor.

Another great feature of Wix is its SEO tool kit that helps you do a better search engine optimization of your content. Plus, it auto-generates basic components of your website content, such as meta tags, descriptions, and titles. The Wix app market provides integrations for several Google products like Google Search Console and Google My Business. Like strikingly, Wix is available in two plans: free and paid. Paid plan starts from $14 per month and comes with more creativity and special features like a visitor analytics app.


  • Beginner-Friendly Free Website Builder
  • Easy Website Customization
  • A large number of integrated external apps
  • More than 500 free templates


  • A sticky banner ad is placed on free websites by Wix
  • Low site loading speed

3. Weebly

best free website builder weebly


Weebly is an ideal free website builder for beginners, especially in the eCommerce domain. In fact, more than 40 million people around the world are using the eCommerce tools of Weebly in their business. One of the major reasons why Weebly is a great eCommerce website builder is its integration with Square. This integration helps people use various built-in payment options, like PayPal, Google Pay, or Credit Cards.

Weebly has a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor that helps customize your website as per your requirements. You also get a massive collection of responsive themes to choose from to make your website more stylish. Weebly also comes with some handy SEO features like sitemaps creation, meta descriptions, and HTML formatting.

The paid Weebly plans start from $25 per month with a free domain and Google ads credit.


  • Easy customization of Your website
  • Rich library of modern templates
  • Best website builder for eCommerce business
  • Seamless onboarding process


  • Square Integration is unavailable in the free plan
  • Ad-popups in the free plan

4. GoDaddy

Godaddy website builder


GoDaddy is the second-most popular free website builder after Wix. With its intuitive design formats and exciting SEO features, it’s the best platform to build websites for small businesses. You can use GoDaddy to create a clean, basic, and simple website in just a few minutes. GoDaddy has a user-friendly ADI that helps build your desired website based on a few basic answered questions. The SEO Wiz feature of this modern website builder helps optimize your website according to the latest Google search trends.

GoDaddy also provides you with Mobile Editor View that allows you to assess how’s your website going to look on the small screen. It also helps you tweak images and font size to make your website accessible from any device. The paid plans of GoDaddy start from $6.99 per month.


  • Intuitive ADI
  • Fastest Website Builder
  • SEO Wiz Feature to Help optimize your website


  • Less creative freedom as compared to Wix
  • Advertisement in Free Plan
  • Custom domain is not available with the free plan

5. Site123

site123 website builder


Site123 is a simple but modern website builder that provides you with a ready-made template for almost all types of websites. You just need to enter your website name and contact details, then click “build website.” Site123 will build your desired website in minutes. With its intuitive editor, you can customize your website by uploading your own images or using royalty-free options. Site123 premium plans offer extra features like additional storage and support. The lowest paid plan starts from $4 per month.


  • Build Your Website Quickly
  • User-Friendly interface
  • Affordable paid plans
  • Responsive email and live chat support


  • You can only build a pretty basic website on the free plan
  • The quality of templates could be improved
  • Drag-and-drop function is not available
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