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Make Your Voice Over Video Engaging with AI Text to Speech



Make your Voice over Video Engaging with AI Text to Speech - Murf-AI

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AI has enabled marketers and content creators to create content – which saves both time and money. Therefore, the use of AI powered voiceovers are growing at a fast pace.

The entertainment and advertising industries are some examples that widely use voice overs. Murf Studio now allows you to create ultra-realistic voice overs in a couple of minutes.

Choosing the ideal voice talent is much more than simply about voice quality and linguistic skills. It’s all in the small details, like choosing someone with the correct accent, dialect and language diversity. With Murf, you can make your voice over video engaging. The natural-sounding AI voiceovers and visuals provide a perfect blend to create voiceover videos online.

Three Steps to create AI voiceover using Murf

1. Select a voice from the collection:

You can choose between wide variety of text to speech voices that are available in 20+ languages. Some of these natural-sounding voices are available for free, while others are premium voices that require a subscription.

2. Enter the voiceover script:

You can either enter the script in the Studio or copy-paste it into the text editor if you already have written material.

3. Render the voiceover:

You can render the voiceover instantly by simply clicking the ‘Build Audio’ button. Further, you can play the voiceover to see how your visuals sound with the speech.

The Murf Difference

  • Simplicity: You can make video content with voiceovers very easily. You can start with a video file or an image and add perfectly timed voiceovers in just a few minutes.
  • Flexibility to add sections: Using the delete and ‘+’ buttons, you may simply extend or remove sections of your scripts.
  • Creative emphasis option: Depending on the language, certain words need to be “stressed”. The ‘Emphasis’ button can be used to modify the emphasis on each word in a sentence. This will help your narration become more refined and nuanced.
  • Pause option: You can add varied lengths of pauses to your script using the ‘Pause’ button. You can even add a timeframe for the pause independently using the area adjacent to the ready-to-use alternatives.
  • Professional soundtrack and music: You can also add background audio or music independently and manipulate it on the timeline. The Studio contains a library of royalty-free music that you may use in your voiceover directly.

Harness Text to Speech Technology for Greater Content Reach

Voiceover can assist people who speak different languages to engage with and appreciate your content. This can significantly expand a content creator’s reach, popularity and audience.

You can serve your content through voiceover to a larger audience. In a variety of audience groups, voiceover has been demonstrated to boost memory and information retention. Old or complex content can be clarified and you can reach a larger audience.

A well-timed voiceover can improve the engagement of your films and videos. Murf is the perfect tool for synchronising voiceover audio and video information. Here you can make a different audio file for every moment in the video with perfect timing.

The video maker supports the majority of the common picture and video formats. The paid plans provide an output video render in HD format. The Pro plan has voices in 20 languages, allowing you to easily create the same video in many languages. You need to change your script, select a voice for your preferred language, and re-render. Moreover, Multi-language videos will help you reach and connect with diverse audiences.

The Studio has a library of royalty-free background music. It is also labelled by use-case and music kind, so you will always be able to select an audio track that fits your needs. These tracks are appropriate for use in presentations and voiceover videos.

Reach out to your audience with Murf’s text to speech voiceover feature. It’s the simplest, most affordable way for your content to transcend geography.

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