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4 Ways Employees Can Be Motivated By Positive Leadership



Ways Employees Can Be Motivated By Positive Leadership

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In any company, the kind of leadership that the management exudes is crucial to keeping employees motivated. It also highly influences the organizational culture which impacts business performance. Therefore, being a positive leader who can bring out the best in people can not only transform how they work but also how the company functions as a whole. A positive leader can certainly drive exceptional results while smoothly fixing problems brought about by misunderstandings among employees.

Positive leadership is essentially designed to inspire people to become a remarkable version of themselves which is practiced by companies that care for their employees. Leaders who are positively engaging with their employees often highlight what uplifts them ranging from how they perform at work to how they interact with others. Doing so makes them want to continue to do good or even better, delivering satisfactory results which the company benefits from.

Apart from impacting productivity, revenues, and innovation, positive leadership has been proven to improve the quality of work and customer satisfaction as well thanks to effective employee engagement. This further results in both customer and employee retention as everyone’s morale is considered boosted through positive management of an accountable leader.

Despite having many interpretations of what leadership should be, it can be said that one of the rules of leadership is to inspire the team which directly impacts employees. If a leader understands their role, then they should have the initiative to be good at it as well. Here are some of the ways how employees can be motivated by positive leadership that affect performance and relationships at work.

Improved team morale

As mentioned, this is one of the most obvious impacts of positive leadership where employees feel good about themselves and therefore want to do good. There are different causes of low morale both on a personal and team level but it can be generally attributed to ineffective leadership. An indecisive or apathetic leader won’t be able to resonate well with their employees as they wouldn’t understand the root causes of a certain problem. Employees won’t be comfortable enough to trust them and be fully honest after all.

Meanwhile, a positive leader can increase productivity output, have employees open up to them, and improve the chain of command which can be first achieved through regular assessment of leadership decisions. Consistently checking in with the employees would also help in knowing the next best step as being able to efficiently communicate is also one of the important factors of a good leader. It might be good to also have a sit down with your HR to review morale programs and see what can be improved which will certainly be appreciated by the employees.

Integrated, good values

People follow what they see. Thus, walking the talk is of utmost importance. If you want your employees to be honest, decisive, and have integrity, you should be the first person who embodies them. Positive leadership is mostly about influencing others in a manner that would help them and the company. The values you want everyone in the business to practice will naturally come out as they slowly become integrated in the whole organization as you’re sticking with them as a leader. More than anyone, people would watch you closely and reflect what you’re doing in general.

4 Ways Employees Can Be Motivated By Positive Leadership

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Better trust levels

A trusted leader paves the way for better employee relations and stronger company foundation that could encourage real reviews and sincere recommendations on how to improve the business. Fostering this can come in many forms such as being honest about payroll concerns, disclosing conditions about a deal they are working on, and making them feel that you can be a friend only if you have the bandwidth. As a leader who zeroes in on trust, employees will feel more comfortable and secure in their jobs who are motivated to be the ideal workmate they could be seeing in you.

Clearer company goals

Since you’re someone that people trust, you can be transparent about how the business is faring and be upfront about the hard goals the company should meet. When positivity and trust is reciprocated, there would be a stable working environment where you can openly talk about concerns and future plans. Addressing these can be incorporated into planning and preparing for the overall company goals. Doing so would result in having happier employees who are going to be with you in making your goals happen.

The way a company is delivering is largely impacted by how it’s led. Positive leadership definitely means so much more than it seems as it is not only about building good relationships but nurturing values that the whole business will be reflecting. Start evaluating your leadership actions and see where you can inject the traits necessary to become a positive leader. This will lead to better communication in the workplace which is crucial in knowing what’s working and what is not.

Bash Sarmiento is a writer and an educator from Manila. He writes laconic pieces in the education, lifestyle, and health realms. His academic background and extensive experience in teaching, textbook evaluation, business management, and traveling are translated into his works.

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