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15 Easy Ways to Make Saving Money Fun



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Saving money is extremely important. We all know that. It’s important to have some extra wiggle room when we lose our job or someone in our family gets sick. But the truth is that it can be pretty difficult and even a little bit boring. Why would we want to store away $200 when we can use it for a nice shopping spree, for example?

Occasionally, thinking about money can even bring us down. There have been studies that show that 85% of adults feel stressed about money from time to time, while 30% feel stressed about money regularly. So, many of us avoid making financial plans.

However, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to spice up the act of saving money. If you like a good challenge, try becoming a minimalist for a month. See if you can do it. If you like games, try an app that opens a savings account for you and lets you deposit money into it when you’re playing Words With Friends! Or maybe you’d like to try Kakeibo, a 100-year-old Japanese budgeting system designed to increase mindfulness.

Since you need to save, why not get some enjoyment out of it? Check out this roundup of tips and resources to make saving money fun.

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