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Why Property Security Tokens Need to Be in Your Investment Portfolio



Why Property Security Tokens Need to Be in Your Investment Portfolio

With property tokenization slowly becoming an integral part of the mainstream economy, the demand for security tokens has skyrocketed now. It offers regular returns in the form of cash flow, a stake in the equity, dividends, cash flow, profit-sharing rights, voting powers, and buyback rights to the investors. It fully complies with the securities laws issued by regulatory authorities.

Some of the Profitable Real Estate Security Tokens That Have to Be Purchased Now Are

Resolute.Fund – It is a real estate investment management company that mortgages debt instruments and tokenizes apartments. Their main aim is to minimize the risk exposure for property investors. They offer several benefits like sufficient liquidity, 24×7/365 trading facilities for the investors to exchange the security tokens, fractional ownership, a high level of transparency, and end-to-end compliance. They have also issued RESOLUTE Digital security for investors to purchase shares in commercial real estate located in the USA and get regular payment of dividends.

NYCREC – NYCREC refers to New York City Real Estate Coin. It is an ERC-20 standard token backed by multiple real-world assets and has a total supply of 1,750,000,000 tokens. The holders of the crypto token get fractional ownership and dividends. The cash flow from the property is credited to the token owners through Ethereum-based airdrop programs. At least 26% of returns are offered in a year. Transparency is ensured through the sharing of quarterly and yearly reports related to earnings, occupancies, and disposition of properties. The New York real estate market is ideal for property tokenization as the value of properties, rental rates, and price per square foot has been constantly increasing over the years.

RealtyReturns – It allows investors to buy their desired properties using Ethereum cryptocurrency. Their dedicated online portal allows the seamless inflow of real estate investments from different parts of the world. The benefits include regular income generation and appreciation in the value of properties. The real estate assets offered include commercial office spaces and vacation rental homes. They have their own utility token named RRT. Smart contracts ensure the automated payment of rental income to the property owners.

Treehouse – It functions in the market in the form of a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Treehouse was built on the Ethereum blockchain network. There are two different types of tokens offered to potential investors. The first token is for growing and contributing to the development of the Treehouse platform and the second token represents a stake in the property that the investor is putting his money on. It takes care of rent collection, lease agreements, and property management.

SwissRealCoin – It is a real estate security token launched in Switzerland. They have their own blockchain-based software named Management and Investment Assistant (MIA) that digitizes and automates property management. Adequate liquidity is ensured by trading the SRC token on the leading Cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. The returns offered to property investors will grow over a period through the reinvestment of their rental income. The higher demand for the tokens will increase its price as more tokens will be sold to prospective investors. The MIA software offers 24×7 real-time portfolio management along with voting rights for the token holders. The technologies used behind the creation of the crypto token include Python, the Ethereum blockchain network, Java, and Node.js.

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Slice RE – It is a real estate investment agency used by foreign investors. The main advantage is that the operating costs are lesser when compared to a REIT. Investors need to invest a minimum amount of $10,000. Liquidity is offered instantly by trading it on crypto exchanges like Openfinance, which is a leading secondary market for the trading of securities. Investors also get frequent payments of dividends. Rich investors can also effectively diversify their portfolio by using Slice RE’s platform. Blockchain technology ensures the proper fulfillment of the compliance requirements. Many properties in cities like New York, Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles have listed their properties on Slice RE.

BlockEstate – It issued a security token by teaming up with Polymath, a digital security management platform. The investors’ funds will be distributed across many properties to increase the annual return. They use technologies like artificial intelligence, predictive analysis, and big data that provides valuable information about economic development, changes in climatic conditions, demographics, and migration. Investors can put their money on retail, industrial, multi-family properties, as well as ongoing construction projects. The token holders also benefit from a buyback program where the token supply will be decreased and the net profits will be reinvested into more real estate assets. Since the tokens can be burnt, the investors will gain from tax benefits. They plan to start a $50 million with each token costing $1.

2021 will be bigger and better for the global security token market. It can pose a big challenge to traditional financial systems controlled by centralized institutions. Several banks and countries are aggressively working on the concept of security tokens. Its market cap and trading volume will grow this year offering investors more returns from properties.

Vanessa Jane is a Blockchain Consultant, been in the Software Development Industry for the last 4+ years. She has a great knowledge of Technology, Blockchain, Real estate tokenization platform Development, etc also she likes to write about the tips, procedures and everything related to the growth of Business.

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