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Why is HGH Used (and banned) in Sports?



Why is HGH Used (and banned) in Sports

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Among those suspended from participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was Blessing Okagbare from Nigeria. According to the Athletics Integrity Unit, Okagbare had tested positive for the HGH – popularly known as the human growth hormone.

The testing was conducted four days before the Olympics kick-off ceremony. By the time the results were sent to the anti-doping and track officials, she had already competed in a race where she won in stunning 11.05 seconds.

The 32-year-old Blessing Okagbare has been competing in the Olympics since 2008 and has won various medals that include a silver medal in Beijing, a bronze medal in 2013 at Moscow, and did the 100-200 double at the commonwealth games in 2014.

With her winning the 100 heats, she was bound to continue to the semifinals and probably win. But, did she have an undue advantage from the human growth hormone?

What is HGH?

A 21-month investigation by George Mitchell revealed that most of the top-performing baseball players were using the human growth hormone to decrease their recovery time and build extra muscle.

Essentially, this was in response to the increased notoriety where baseball players seemed to push the limits of the humanly imaginable baseball game significantly. For instance, one baseball player had sent a ball through the park and into the San Francisco Bay and into the kayaks.

With the investigation and the findings indicting many players, the media went into a frenzy, and growth hormone became the talk in the sports news.

Growth hormone is one of the hormones that are produced by the pituitary glands. It stimulates your liver to produce another hormone responsible for repairing and growing bones and body tissues such as organs, skin, and muscles is the exact result everyone expects from HGH treatment.

Now, the natural GH in our bodies gets released throughout the day in short bursts. An average person gets as many as 20 releases a day, with the largest burst occurring during sleep.

Through the evolving technology, growth hormone was first produced synthetically in 1981 as a biosynthetic hormone. At the time, it was widely used for medical and therapeutic purposes.

What benefits are already discovered?

Since it was first developed, biosynthetic GH has undergone continued research and refinement. This has brought about more information about the hormone, thereby increasing its known potential. The pituitary gland is the only organ that is responsible for the production of GH. Considering that it is located somewhere on the back of our head, any person with trauma or disability will experience complications due to lack of HGH production. Without growth hormone, you can develop severe problems such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Lower immune response
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Loss of muscle – also called sarcopenia
  • Osteoporosis – fragile bones

GH relieves these problems and ensures that you don’t develop fatal complications. Though you might not compete in the Olympics, your general health is restored, and you can grow normally and develop your muscles and organs without problems.

Growth Hormone and Aging

Like with other hormones in our bodies, the natural levels of GH are bound to go down as your age progresses. For instance, most bodybuilders who have spent all their lives accumulating muscle mass tend to lose all that mass with age.

Typically, the hormones in your body are produced by an endocrine system that grows weaker with age. Therefore, when the other hormones are going down, the natural HGH does too.

However, with biosynthetic growth hormone, you can supplement your natural HGH levels and restore body energy, muscle mass, sex drive, and cognitive performance. Essentially, biosynthetic growth hormone might not be what you call a fountain of youth. However, it will give you a reset button and reduce the rate of aging.

Growing Demand For HGH

Due to the proven effects of biosynthetic hormones, the demand for HGH among men has been continuously rising each day. As the phrase goes, you can’t argue with numbers. According to the JAMA journal, the sales of human growth hormone have increased to 2 billion dollars per year. The journal also notes that an estimated 30 percent of these sales are for anti-aging and body enhancement prescriptions.

Documented benefits of HGH

  • Increased muscle mass and strength results from HGH. Typically, human growth hormone is essential in stimulating the growth of collagen in the muscles and tendons. Consequently, this increases your muscle strength and gives you a general performance improvement. In addition, a blind study conducted by the International Journal of Endocrinologists found that responsiveness of muscles and HGH correlate.
  • Enhancement of weight loss. With HGH, you can shed the extra weight by converting the extra tissues to muscle mass. For instance, with HGH, you can burn more fat and build more muscles.
  • Stronger bones. The growth hormone is especially important for bone development and strength. With age and lower GH levels, you might develop osteoporosis and bone mass loss. However, with biosynthetic HGH, this can be reversed, and your bone health improved.
  • Lower risk of cardiovascular complications. If you have low levels of growth hormone, you are at risk of developing cardiovascular complications. With HGH, the metabolism of lipoprotein is affected, leading to a lesser risk of cardiovascular complications.
  • HGH improves sex drive and prevents impotence.

The Game Changer

Most athletes are in a constant battle to stay in shape throughout their short competitive careers. However, the extreme body wear and the lengthy recovery periods make it only easier for the athletes to take HGH.

Therefore, it is up to the governing bodies to ensure that fairness is considered from both competition and recovery. HGH supports most of the body’s metabolic functions and reduces many of the problems associated with the heart. In addition, it leads to improved mental and psychological well-being.

Is HGH Risky?

Human growth hormone has very minimal side effects when taken through doses that are medically approved. However, you might side effects that include:

  • Bloating
  • Lower thyroid hormone levels
  • Increased blood pressure

However, these side effects are not severe and rarely lead to complications.

Is HGH Right for Me?

From our long experience, we understand that no single person’s needs are similar to another. Therefore, you can give us a visit or schedule a consultation. We will evaluate your needs and talk you through all the available options.


You don’t need to run on an Olympics track to experience the wonderful benefits of HGH. You owe it to yourself a fulfilled life and awesome body performance.

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