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Why Investing in a TV Stand is Worth It



Investing in a TV Stand is Worth It

Photo by Max Rahubovskiy from Pexels

A TV stand provides storage for all of your AV equipment. From A/V receivers to Blu-ray players, these devices heat up while in use and require adequate space for airflow.

Look for models with drawers or cabinets that hold your DVD collection and remote controls. Some even have cubbies for storing additional digital media or keepsakes.


The TV stand or entertainment center is usually one of the heaviest pieces of furniture in a living room, so it’s important that it’s stable and constructed from sturdy materials like wood or metal. Look for a solid construction, a weight capacity that meets your needs, and thoughtful details like cable management cutouts to keep wires organized.

Storage is another essential feature to consider. If you need space for accessories, board games, books, or other décor items, opt for a piece with drawers or cabinets that open easily and have adjustable shelves.

A cord cutout in the back of the top shelf keeps electronics neatly tucked away and out of sight. This option is also available in a dark walnut finish that’s easy to coordinate with most homes.


A TV stand is more than just a surface for your electronics and living room decor. You’ll also use it to house your cable box, Blu-ray player, and other A/V components, which require stable, well-organized storage with adequate ventilation to avoid hardware damage over time. Look for a stand with ample shelves, drawers, and cabinets to meet your needs.

A stand features clean structural lines and gray-tinged wood for a versatile aesthetic. It’s a good choice for transitional and modern rooms, and it can hold TVs up to 60 inches. Its backside has convenient cord cutouts and adjustable shelves.


A TV stand is more than just a place to house your electronics. It can also be a convenient storage solution, allowing you to keep books, games, remotes, and other supplies in one place. For this purpose, look for a design with plenty of drawers or cabinets.

Some stands even come with a variety of shelving options that allow you to customize the amount of space you have for items. If you have kids, pets, or just a lot of stuff, consider a customizable option to expand the shelves as needed.

While no family’s needs are truly one-size-fits-all, most standard TV stands fit a wide range of preferences. Check the dimensions of your TV and the room to ensure your stand is a good fit. For example, consider the recommended viewing distance, which is based on the size of your screen and how close you typically sit to it.


The TV stand is the centerpiece of your living room, so it’s important to pick one that reflects your style. Look for options with plenty of storage to hide components like modems, gaming consoles, Wi-Fi routers (which require ventilation), and media devices such as Blu-ray players and DVDs. Choose from wood tones and finishes that work well with the rest of your furniture.

For a stand that’s both sleek and durable, consider Article’s stylish rattan option. It’s lightweight and easy to move around a room, but it’s also sturdy enough to support 99 pounds of flatscreen TVs. A back cutout for cord management helps keep the unit neat.

Those on a tight budget may want to check out Nathan James’ curated collection, which offers aesthetically pleasing pieces that deliver durability and functionality at an affordable price. The site’s streamlined design makes it easy to filter by TV size, design style, and more, and many of the brand’s models are preassembled for a quick setup on delivery day.


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