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Who Will Win the Bean Bag Fight?




Who Will Win the Bean Bag Fight

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You may not be aware of this, but there’s a huge fight going on between Moon Pod and Yogibo, two manufacturers that create bean bag chairs that offer supportive comfort for people of all ages. The Moonpod vs Yogibo war all started when Moon Pod began selling its zero-gravity bean bag chair and claiming to have invented it. The problem is, Moon Pod didn’t invent it. In fact, another company, founded by Eyal Levy, had been working on its Yogibo bean bag for more than nine years. Now, the two similar products are fighting not only over who invented it, but to differentiate themselves to their customers.


Since 2009, the Yogibo has been the premier product in this furniture category. It is six feet long, which makes it excellent for laying down on, but also for sharing with up to four people. It’s the perfect back rest when you’re watching a movie with your friends, or for when you want to lie down and read a book for a while. The Moon Pod, on the other hand, is not nearly as long, coming in at only four feet in length. This means it is not as comfortable to lie on, even though it is possible.

To make the Moon Pod longer, you have to buy a matching foot rest. This makes the Moon Pod much more expensive than the all-in-one Yogibo. The Moon Pod is good for someone who wants to sit at a desk or in a natural seated position, but it isn’t big enough for more than one person to use at a time, and when lying down, your legs will hang off the end if you’re taller than four feet.


In terms of how much weight each product can bear, the Yogibo wins hands down. It doesn’t have a weight limit at all, while the Moon Pod supports up to 300 pounds. If you are a large person, or want to allow several people to use the bean bag at once, you have to go with the product that doesn’t have a weight limit.


Here’s the crux of Levy’s complaints against the founder of the Moon Pod, John Fiorentino. Both products use microbeads as the filler for their bean bags and this filler is what allows the bags to remove pressure points and provide adequate support to all body parts. This design was the brainchild of Levy, who came up with the idea when his wife was pregnant and unable to sleep comfortably. Fiorentino’s product came nine years after Levy’s product and the design, except for the shape, is almost exactly the same.


Both products will be comfortable to use. There’s no question about it. Afterall, if one product is mimicking another, it’s going to have similar properties. However, there have been complaints about the quality of the Moon Pod, which is not unusual with knockoff products. What’s even more shocking is that the Moon Pod is significantly more expensive than the Yogibo, and that means you’re getting an inferior product and paying more for it at the same time — not a good combination.

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