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What’s The Average Car Accident Settlement?



Average Car Accident Settlement

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

If you have met with an accident, you can always file for a settlement. Remember, it is your right to ask for the repairment money if you are not the fault party.

An accident can happen from various angles. And for your kind information, accidents don’t always happen from the front side. Sometimes it happens from the rear-end side. If you met any kind of accident, you would have to apply for the settlement money to the ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia). They will investigate your case and decide who will pay for the accidents and damage controls.

So, in this article, we will discuss how the average settlement for a car accident can go. It is also helpful to know about it beforehand if you have a car. You should involve your lawyer in this kind of case.

What’s the Average Car Accident Settlement?

If you know how to handle a car crash scenario, you can just call for a certain level of pain and discomfort. And it is not straightforward to quantify a case value computer or auto calculation. With a car crash, there is emotional and physical pain is attached. that is why hiring a hardworking and experienced lawyer for your injury settlement is very vital.

In case of a weak case of a leg injury, for instance, the victim can sue for 300,000 dollars. In pain and suffering. it is the average count- can be more or less than the amount; it depends on the presentation of the case, the jury board, and of course, the extremity of the accident.

Average ICBC Settlement for Rear Ender

As we all can agree to the point that accidents are the uninvited and unwanted guests, no matter how much we stay prepared, we need to pay for our damage control. If you are not responsible for the accident, you should ask for the compensation money because it is your right. Depending on the accident, the average ICBC settlement for rear-ender can be different.

The matter is- you need the money sooner. For that, you need to take suggestions from your lawyer. The expert will handle your case properly. This procedure would give you effective results low cost and time. Although it can be very long to go to court, and extra expenses are still needed.

If the defaulter declines to pay restitution, you will undoubtedly request the court’s assistance, but it is a very far-fetched process. In most cases, the other party tries to solve the case formally.

How to find who the fault party is?

In almost every case, the rear driver is the fault party of the accident. But there could be exceptions. Accidents can happen for various reasons. That is why investigation before the settlement is very important. Here, point to be noted, not all accidents carry the same amount of compensation value. It depends on the damage of the accident.

There are some faults enlisted for your help to determine who’s the fault party.

1. The driver was drunk while driving
2. The driver ignored the traffic rules
3. Was not maintaining proper distance with each other
4. High speed
5. Driver was not giving attention to the road. For example, talking, using mobile, doing makeup, eating, etc.
6. Suddenly used the break without the necessity
7. Unsafely changed the lane and caused huge serial behind the vehicle

Call a lawyer

No matter who is the fault party- the rear driver or the lead driver, police will reach there and start their investigations. But sometimes, the routine investigation is not enough. That is why you need to appoint a personal injury lawyer. They will investigate the matter personally or with a team. They will meet with the direct witness, check the car crash place, the car, and obviously, the CCTV footage.

If you are not the defaulter, then you will get the benefit of hiring a lawyer. Then they will collect all the proof for you and professionally present them in front of the judge. Considering everything, the judge will give the final verdict.

How to avoid rear Ender accident

There are many ways you can avoid rear-ender accidents. Such as-

1. Do not drive when you are drunk
2. Follow the traffic rules
3. Do not try to overtake illegally
4. Drive at a normal speed no matter the situation
5. Before driving any vehicle, check if it is fit for taking it to a drive
6. Always be attentive on the road

Final Thought

In an accident, one party will be the fault party. You need to be careful to avoid any kind of accident because, with money problems, there would be a physical problem, mental trauma that could take years of therapy to get out of that trauma.

So be careful and drive safe.

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