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What Is the Role of a Visa Attorney?



Role of a Visa Attorney - TN Visa Attorney

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The United States has many options for foreigners looking to enter the country either for work or business. Among these is the TN non-immigrant visa, specially created for Canadian and Mexican citizens looking to work in any part of the US temporarily. Given the benefits it comes with, including the fact that there’s no maximum limitation for holding it, the TN visa is among the most popular ways for workers to enter America.

That said, if you’re an engineer, lawyer, veterinarian, accountant, or professor, looking to work anywhere in the United States, you probably know how hectic the visa application can turn out to be. For one, there are multiple factors you need to comply with. And, of course, an application process that you need to follow to the letter. All this can take a lot of time and even finances.

But you can avoid all that hassle by working with TN visa attorneys. Basically, an experienced visa attorney helps you:

Assists You With Applying for a US Visa

With an attorney, you don’t really need to be familiar with the visa application process to get started. They basically walk with you through every step of the process, ensuring you don’t miss anything along the way and, more importantly, get the best shot at a good outcome.

Among other things, they will help you fill out all forms you need to correctly, gather all documents required, and submit them as needed. They will also represent you where needed and even follow up on the application process.

Understands US Visa Laws

Now, it’s no secret that laws keep changing with a new presidency, and visa regulations are no different. But it is the job of an immigration attorney to keep up with these updates and interpret them on behalf of you, the client.

So, your attorney will, among other things, explain the law so that you grasp what is required of you for and during the application process as well as the rights and limitations associated with your visa.

Review Your Documentation to Ensure Accuracy and Compliance

The visa review board is usually thorough, with small mistakes, like an incomplete form, often lead to rejection. It is the job of your visa attorney to look at everything before submission to ensure there are no such errors. Remember, they already have experience with the process and know all possible pitfalls. So, your chances of getting visa approval are also really high.

Appeal Your Visa Rejection – If Needed

Have you tried applying for a visa but was rejected? A rejection doesn’t mean you should give up. You can actually file an appeal for reconsideration. Unfortunately, you probably can’t tell where you went wrong and risk making the same mistakes on your appeal. An attorney can file the appeal for you, ensuring you get the best chance of an upturn.

Offers Expert Legal Advice & Guidance

Even if you want to handle the visa application yourself, an attorney still has a role to play. That is, advising and guiding you through the process. Remember, your visa approval depends on getting everything right, from your documentation to the application and even the visa interview.

Visa attorneys possess the necessary knowledge and experience to advise you on what you need to do in every step, including the visa interview.

Speeds Up the Visa Application Process

A visa application can take time, especially if it’s your first time taking a shot. Unfortunately, sometimes there are deadlines you need to comply with. And with a looming application deadline, you might find that you are not ready to submit by the due date.

An attorney already understands the process, having done it dozens of times, and can fasten the application process, ensuring you have everything ready on time so that you can submit it quickly.

Represents You in Immigration Proceedings

Now, if you are in the US on a TN visa, there are specific regulations you must keep to. In case of violation, knowingly or unknowingly, you may find yourself in front of the immigration court. Or, if you apply for a visa but have a previous violation, you may still need to appear in court. A visa or immigration attorney can come in to represent you and may actually help you secure a positive resolution.

Basically, these lawyers are trained to handle all kinds of immigration proceedings and will know what to do.

Hire TN Visa Attorneys for Faster & Smoother Entry to the US

As you can see, a visa attorney’s role is not trivial. In fact, their involvement can mean the difference between visa approval and rejection. That’s because they understand immigration laws and the visa application process and have experience helping others apply. That said, make sure you pick the right attorneys by checking their qualifications, licensing, experience, and, of course, track record.

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