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Unique Wall Décor Ideas for your Space



Unique Wall Decor Ideas for your Space

It’s the finishing touches that make a house a home and bring your interior spaces to life.

Looking for unique ideas for your walls can be an overwhelming experience with so many options and possibilities available.

Whether you are an art collector, a surfing enthusiast or even a book lover, your walls can be customised to ensure you are surrounded by things that you love, making your home a sanctuary, a place you want to be and enjoy being in.

1. Think Unique.. think Surfboards

When it comes to eye-catching features in homes, people tend to rely on art. But every once in a while, unique and unexpected elements seem to pop up in living spaces… and one that is currently demanding attention, is bespoke surfboards.

The use of surfboards in interior spaces, channels the relaxed Californian lifestyle vibe, while also alluding to its laid back coastal living style.

Adding a coastal touch to your home is easy with the addition of a beautiful hand crafted, bespoke surfboard. Regardless of whether you practice the sport or not,

With unique shapes and artwork, they are sure to draw attention and become a talking point amongst guests. The only draw back? Having to stop the surfer in your family waxing them up and hitting the waves!

Depending on the size and placement of your wall, surfboards can be displayed in a variety of ways, from hanging vertical or horizontally and even just casually leaning against the wall for the ultimate relaxed coastal interior vibe.

Wall Decor Ideas

B&W Snake Surfboard by WHYTE Surfboards

2. Large Scaled Wall Art

Be bold, think big. A large scaled painting or photograph will demand attention and set the tone for a space. When selecting large scaled pieces, they become an investment, something that you shouldn’t tire of quickly. The wall art in your space must reflect your personality. For example, you can hang a unique wall art of an octopus if you’re a water baby or love blue waters. The colors, patterns, and style of wall art impart a finishing look to your room. So choose pieces that you are drawn to and that you can’t live with out. Art should stop you in your tracks and keep you there.

3. Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is curated display of art, prints and / or photographs that have been creatively arranged on your wall. They are a great element to help inject personality and colour into a space. By hanging pieces in a cluster or geometric display, creates an eye-catching way to decorate a blank space. Used a feature, they work well anywhere in your home, from a staircase, to a living room or in a bedroom. When creating a gallery wall, proportions, colour and frames styles all need to be taken into consideration to ensure an overall balance to the wall.

Wall Decor Ideas for your Space

Coastal themed gallery wall by LD Art House

4. Use Wallpaper

Gone are the days of a feature paint colour on a single wall, today it is all about wallpaper and decorating the wall itself. With a wide variety of patterns available, from eye-catching florals, to basket-weave textures and standard stripes, it is the ultimate element to completely transform your space.

5. Show off your hat collection

Who knew that hats can look just as good on your walls as they do on your head? If you need to fill some wall space and also looking for a hat storage solution, creating a hat wall can create a unique decorating feature by adding texture and depth to your walls. You can hang them in uniform lines or with a random placement, be creative with your placement and tones and textures.

Although we have named a few, decorating your walls is endless has possibilities. Be creative and be bold.

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