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Getting Ready for Your Upcoming Vacation: 8 Travel Packing Tips



Getting Ready for Your Upcoming Vacation 8 Travel Packing Tips

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If you’ve booked your next vacation, you’ll know there are hundreds of things to get prepped before you leave. However, one of the most important things to consider before taking your vacay is what you’re going to pack.

When filling a suitcase with the items for your holiday, it’s easy to overpack or throw in unnecessary things. So, to make putting together the essentials you’ll need for your trip a little simpler, we have gathered a few travel packing tips and tricks.

Vacation Outfits Based on the Weather

Tip #1 – Check the Weather Forecast

One of the great things about modern technology is that we can access the weather forecast for almost anywhere on our mobile devices. This comes especially in handy when choosing clothing for your next vacation. Checking to see what the weather will be at your destination while you’re there makes it easier to pack the right outfits. It also helps prevent you from overpacking – you know how it is, packing sweaters “in case” it gets cold, but never wear them! Finally, checking the weather makes it easier to see the average temperature and whether or not rain or sun is expected. This way, you can see whether you’ll need to opt for a holiday wardrobe of mostly warmer wear or not.

Tip #2 – Pack Accordingly

So, you’ve checked the weather and say it’s meant to be blue skies and sunshine for most of your travels – great! Now, adding items to your luggage that accommodate this is essential – strappy sandals, shorts, tees, dresses, a light sweater, and a pair of jeans for the off chance you have a day with slightly cooler weather. Packing more than one set of warmer clothes when heading to the beach takes up space and is unnecessary.

Skincare Products

8 Travel Packing Tips

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Tip #3 – Face Cream to Suit the Climate

When travelling to a destination where the climate differs, it is essential to pack a face cream that considers this. For instance, if you’re heading to a colder region where the air is drier, having a slightly thicker face cream to accommodate this is a must. Similarly, a hotter destination like the beach may call for a lighter lotion.

Tip #4 – Sunscreen

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or heading to the beach, protecting your skin is a must. Sun damage leads to painful sunburn and, in severe cases, can cause headaches and nausea. Packing a good quality sunscreen can help prevent this. Although some face creams come with an added SPF, this is often not a strong enough factor to provide you with the protection you need when you’re in the sun most of the day. Finding a tube of sunscreen that works well for your face and body will save space in your suitcase and keep you protected throughout your trip.

Tip #5 – Lipcare

While keeping the skin on your face and body protected, ensuring your lips remain soft and supple is also worth considering. Time in the sun or colder climates can lead to dry, chapped lips, which is painful and, let’s be honest, doesn’t always look great. Investing in a few good tubes of lip balm with an added SPF is an excellent way to keep your lips soft and won’t take up too much space in your suitcase.

Lightly-colored lip balm is also a fantastic way to add a little color to your face without applying lipstick, making it a great option while you’re on the beach, spending time on the lake, or traversing the slopes.

Trendy Eyewear

Tip #6 – Eyewear that Ticks all the Boxes

Another must-pack item is trendy eyewear. However, instead of adding multiple pairs to your bag, we suggest taking only one. While taking several options to go with your various outfits is tempting, it takes up space. Rather, pick one pair that matches all of your intended holiday wear. Further, choose sunnies that have UV protection to shield your eyes from sun damage. Lastly, pack a sturdy case to keep them in to prevent scratches and damage while you travel.


Tip #7 – Pack What You Need

While it may seem simpler to toss in the boxes of medication you may need, they are bulky and may take up more space in your bags. So instead, count out the pills you may need into a daily organizer and take one or two extras just in case. This way, you have everything you need in one handy place.

Tip #8 – Secure Your Liquids

Placing medications in a separate, waterproof container is advisable if you carry them in liquid form. This way, should any bottles leak or break, the medicine won’t run onto your clothing and cause damage or staining.

Packing the clothing you need based on the weather and ensuring you have the skincare and eyewear necessary for your trip makes it easy to travel light and organize your bags. So, you can focus on what matters – being excited about your vacation.

What should you do if you overpack?

Sometimes, you overpack, or maybe your luggage is just a little too big than what you may have liked. But not to worry! Your luggage doesn’t have to get in the way of your trip at all. Instead, why not look into something like luggage storage Tiburtina? In general, luggage storage could be exactly what you need to just skip out on all of the hassles of having luggage but still get to enjoy the perks of having everything you need for your trip. It’s the perfect solution!

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