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Top 5 Instagram Post Ideas That Boost Followers in 2021



Top 5 Instagram Post Ideas That Boost Followers in 2021

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Instagram has a huge number of users. If you play the game right, you can amass a massive follower count on the platform. Many people use Instagram growth services like FollowFox to gain followers on Instagram. But FollowFox reviews reveal that FollowFox might not be the best choice as an Instagram growth service.

Here are some post ideas that will help you boost your followers in 2021:

1. Ask your users a question

Engagement is the key to boosting followers. When more people engage with your posts, your profile will be more likely to get featured on the Discover page and your follower count will definitely go up.

A great way to engage followers on your posts is to ask questions to them. The caption can be a question regarding something within the post or any topic in general. You can also ask questions that can help you create better content in the future.

For example, if you’re a fitness influencer, you can ask what are the common problems that your followers face in the gym. With the help of the answers, you’ll be able to create relatable content in the future and your engagement will shoot through the roof.

Another great idea is to have an AMA (Ask me Anything) in the comments section. You can create a post announcing the AMA and ask people to send in their questions through the comments. Replying to these comments will boost your engagement. Moreover, you’ll become more relatable to your followers which will further improve your popularity.

2. Make Video Posts

To boost your followers, you need to provide the audience with valuable and engaging content. People who view your posts should find them useful as well as entertaining.

Creating tutorials or how-to videos is an excellent way to go about it. It is a common trend that video tutorials are often the most popular posts on Instagram. However, the context of your tutorial will depend on your brand, product, or service offering and also your social media goals.

If you’re a beauty influencer, you can create how-tos on skincare routines. If you offer a product, you can create tutorials on the best uses of the product.

3. Share user-generated content

Sharing user-generated content is a definitive way of increasing engagement on your account. Moreover, it’ll also be an opportunity for you to appreciate your followers that can go a long way in making your account more popular.

If you’re managing a page for a product or brand, share content that other users have created using the product. If you’re an influencer, share posts from people who are using the techniques and methods that you’ve talked about on your profile.

Doing this will bring you closer to your followers and more people will try to do something that can get them featured on your page – thus, boosting account activity and follower count.

You can also cross-post content from other social media platforms like Twitter. The content can either be your own or something else that relates to your style and messaging.

4. Jump on a trend

Jumping on popular social media trends is a sureshot way to create content that is funny, relatable, and relevant. If you manage to create quality content that is in line with the latest trends on the platform, you are bound to get a boost in your followers.

There’s a new challenge doing the rounds on Instagram every other day. You can take part in one and try to add your own twist by integrating your page’s style to it. Keep in mind that you must avoid any controversial trend that can harm your brand image as that will lead to loss of followers.

You can jump in on popular discussions going on in the platform and increase your engagement by asking for opinions from your followers in the comments section.

5. Create a Unique Post Design

It is important to stand out in order to offer fresh content to your followers. There are a number of influencers and brands trying to capitalize on Instagram and increasing their followers.

If you wish to improve your follower count, you need to create posts that are unique and reflect your style and brand. Come up with borders and themes that look attractive. Use them for all your posts to create an aesthetic feed.

You can also do things like creating a photo collage on your feed. It will make your feed look more attractive and people will tend to like your content even more.

Along with these tips, you can also buy real Instagram followers to improve your reach and get more engagement on your profile.

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