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5 Tips for Rebranding Your Business



5 Tips for Rebranding Your Business

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Rebranding your business might be just as exciting as starting it. You’ve got a new vision for your company and, now, all you have to do is make it come to life. But, just like starting a business, rebranding requires much effort and intention.

Fortunately, this article will help make your rebrand as seamless and organized as possible. Let’s focus on your digital presence first and use these five tips to ensure a successful digital rebrand.

Do a Brand Audit

Before you make any changes to your brand, you must assess its current effectiveness. By conducting a brand audit, you can evaluate your brand’s current impact, strengths, and weaknesses and then develop a plan for improving it.

Answering the following questions can help you determine where you are with your digital branding and what needs improvement:

  • What’s your brand’s current position in the digital world?
  • What’s your return on investment (ROI) for each digital marketing channel?
  • Which channels could be good to add based on your target audience?
  • Do your customers like your digital brand?
  • Do your customers recognize your brand online?
  • Is your brand easy to find and engage with online?
  • What are your customers struggling with regarding your brand?
  • Are your mission and company values changing?
  • What is your competition doing that your company isn’t?
  • Is your unique value proposition clear? If not, how can it be improved?
  • Is your brand’s personality shining through?
  • Why do you want to change your digital branding?
  • Do your visual branding elements need a refresh?
  • How can you enhance your digital content?
  • If your brand was at its best online, what would that look like?

Make sure you get customers and your team to weigh in on these questions to get a complete picture of your digital brand’s effectiveness and how to improve it.

Document Your Rebrand Strategy

After you do a brand audit, the pathway to rebranding digitally will be more defined. You can solidify your plans by documenting your rebranding strategy. This means writing it down on paper or recording it digitally.

Your rebrand strategy will keep you focused on your rebranding goals. It’ll also help you execute your plan, as you’ll have detailed step-by-step instructions for bringing your digital rebrand to life.

Use what you learn from your brand audit to inform your rebranding strategy. Break it down by digital platform and list precisely what’s changing on each, how you’ll accomplish these changes, and who’s involved in the process.

For example, let’s say your brand audit revealed that your social media content needs to be more accessible. In learning this, you can create a detailed rebrand strategy around ensuring your new content is accessible and your social media marketing doesn’t alienate any group of people. The steps for this might include:

  1. Getting feedback from a diverse group of people on your current social media content and suggestions for making it more inclusive;
  2. Creating content tailored to specific audience segments so that it genuinely resonates with each;
  3. Replacing any content that reinforces stereotypes;
  4. Using various media and content types to accommodate the needs of various individuals.

How Will You Market Your Rebrand?

You can change your logo, develop original content, create a presence on a new digital platform, and everything else that comes with a rebrand. But none of it matters if you can’t make it stick with your audience.

In other words, how will you market your rebrand? How will you get new and existing customers excited about your brand’s new digital direction? Digging into these questions is essential to ensure your rebrand isn’t a flop.

The first thing you want to do is determine which marketing channels are best to facilitate promoting your rebrand. Social media, for example, should absolutely be on your list. You can communicate with your customers directly on these platforms and experiment with promotional content.

You must also develop an actual social media marketing strategy for pushing your business rebrand. So, set goals, choose your social media networks, outline original content ideas, and document how you’ll track your progress and engage with your audience.

Ultimately, when you market your rebrand, your messaging must be clear, your content engaging, and your marketing channels intentional.

Design a Detailed Rollout

Aside from how you’ll market your rebrand, have a plan for how you’ll roll it out. Your marketing strategy will help get your customers talking and excited about your upcoming rebrand. So, when it’s time to show them what you’ve been working on, it’s critical not to disappoint.

Be thorough when planning out the details of your rebrand rollout:

  • Are you rolling all changes out at once or staggering them?
  • Which channels will you start with?
  • What’s the first piece of new content coming out with your rebrand?
  • How long will your rollout last?
  • How do you plan on collecting feedback about your rollout?
  • What could potentially go wrong? How will you fix these things?
  • Do you have an updated content calendar?
  • Are there any special events attached to your rebrand rollout? Special guests?

Keep Your Customers Involved

Branding is critical in helping your customers recognize and find you online. So, the last thing you want to do is change your digital branding without telling them. Instead, involve your customers in the process.

Be open about your rebrand and keep them informed along the way. This could look like:

  • Being transparent about any setbacks or changes to your rebrand plans;
  • Asking for customer feedback before, during, and after the rebrand rolls out;
  • Sharing details about your digital rebrand and when it’s expected to be completed;
  • Letting your customers know your plans for rebranding across your digital platforms as early as possible.

Consistent communication will help you maintain relationships with existing customers while starting new ones with first-time visitors.

Moving Forward

Rebranding your business digitally is a big step in the direction of growth. You’ll be successful so long as your rebrand strategy is organized and intentional. Use the tips above to ensure it’s exactly that.

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