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4 Steps to Take Before Starting a Tattoo Studio



4 Steps to Take Before Starting a Tattoo Studio

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Many new and experienced tattoo artists dream about opening a tattoo studio of their own one day. If you are one of them, you might be eager to go it alone to start earning as much money from your skills as possible, but it is important for your and your business’s sake not to rush the process.

Give your business the best chance of success. Read these four steps to take before starting a tattoo studio.

Step One: Gain Extensive Experience

As excited as you might be to start a tattoo studio, you must take the time to grow your skills and learn the ropes from an experienced owner. As much as you might dislike working for an employer, it is one of the best ways to learn how to run a studio. Try to absorb as much as possible from management and other tattoo artists, such as organizing taxes, sterilization requirements, and even creating a positive company culture. By doing so, you’ll be more knowledgeable and confident when opening a studio.

Step Two: Start Saving Money For Everything You Need

While working at a studio, you should try to save as much money as possible for a venue of your own. Kickstarting a tattoo shop will cost a considerable sum, as you’ll need to sign a rental agreement on a commercial property, buy furnishings, and hire skilled staff. Also, you must invest in high-quality equipment to help artists produce beautiful designs time and again. For instance, you’ll need reliable tattoo machines and the correct tattoo cartridges and needles to create clean, intricate body art.

During your time at a studio, create a list of typical business expenses to ensure you have the financial capital to launch the venture once you’re ready. Realistic projections will help you launch the business without hassle and reduce the likelihood of you closing its doors a few months later.

Step Three: Brush Up on a Tattoo Studio’s Legal Requirements

Next, learn about a tattoo studio’s legal requirements to ensure you run a safe, legal, and ethical operation. Every professional studio must have running water, biohazard trash cans, and biohazard pickup services, and staff should sterilize surfaces and equipment after each customer. Also, a studio must have fire exits with no obstructions, working smoke alarms, well-positioned fire extinguishers, and bathroom facilities. If you don’t, your business could face closure until it meets its legal requirements, and you may need to pay a hefty fine for negligence.

Step Four: Learn About the Best Marketing Tactics

As your tattoo studio will be new to your town or city, you’ll need to introduce clever marketing tactics to secure many customers. Compete with your rivals by learning how to expertly market your new business to your target demographic.

For example, you should launch a professional website and drive traffic from search engines using effective SEO techniques. Also, you could boost your studio’s awareness and bookings by promoting your tattoo services via organic and paid social media posts. Form connections with bloggers, journalists, and editors to encourage them to promote your studio online and in newspapers and magazines.

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