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Short Videos to Share Motivational Quotes




The world today is one of immense negativity and simply staying afloat requires significant effort. Breaking away from families, lack of social ties, lack of connection with nature, and increased pollution levels all have a role to play. The result of all of this is a pessimistic approach to life and that takes a toll on one’s overall productivity.

In such situations, it becomes important for team leaders, families, and friends to motivate each other. Considering how busy everyone is in this fast-paced world, the most efficient way of getting your message across is by making motivational videos. To ensure that people watch through all of it, it is important to keep the video short and to-the-point. In this article, we tell you all that you need to know about creating short inspirational videos.

Set the Tone

No matter how poignant your script is, to ensure that the audience gets the intended message, you need to take a step-by-step approach wherein you first set the tone of the video for a healthy mindset. Since most motivational videos are intended for the urban population, it is a safe bet to opt for images of serene nature.

Combining such a picture with a soothing soundtrack played at a low volume helps to establish the mood. You can consider setting for instrumental tracks if you are targeting a diverse audience.

Turn A Quote into A Motivational Story

These days, one would find inspirational stories in the form of random images forwarded on social media. Many people do not go through the hassle of downloading such images, while others delete them straightaway. In such a situation, if you want to get a motivational message across, you can consider turning the quiet into a story.

Tell the quote as a short story so that the viewers are glued to more. The story need not necessarily feature a superstar. It can be a message from your company’s CEO or a series of images of a business tycoon made into a video with you doing the voice narration. The central idea here is to give a flow to the story and ensure a good visual appeal of the video.

Refurbish Stories into Videos

No matter how great you are at motivational speaking, there is no reason why you cannot repackage feel-good stories from the internet. Once in a while, certain videos get viral on the internet because they restore our faith in humanity. In the recent days of the pandemic, multiple such tear-jerking stories have surfaced.

For motivational purposes, you can take snippets of such videos and add your commentary to them. Put efforts at editing such videos as the editing will play an instrumental role in deciding the views. You can use an intro maker to create a poignant start that will keep the viewer interested in more.

Also, be careful on the piracy aspect when you refurbish a viral video with your brand name. It is a good practice to spend time tracing the original video creator and seeking their permission before refurbishing a video.

Offer Actionable Solutions

Inspirational videos are an effective way of conveying how the viewers can come out of their shells and make a difference to the world. If your video can provide an actionable solution to some of the common issues affecting your viewers, you are already at an advantage. The common issues may range from helping them express their feelings to choosing the flowers that convey their emotions.

While creating motivational video content, your focus should be on giving a roadmap to a potentially life-changing scenario. Such videos are much better received than conventional inspirational lines. If there is something that you want your viewers to act on after watching your video, you can consider adding a CTA to the video. That way, the viewers will have a clear direction and will know how to act on your words. There are several outro makers tools that you can choose from while preparing the video.

Give A Testimony of Dreams Taking Shape

Understand that most people who are keen on watching inspirational videos are ones who are severely disappointed and have lost faith in themselves. In such cases, kind words are not sufficient in bringing back confidence. You need to show first-hand proof of how one can channelize hard work and dedication to achieve dreams.

The trick to a successful motivational video is to talk about how others have achieved their dreams. While the rags-to-riches story is a guaranteed success, you may want to experiment with hidden gems. Try to tell the story from a rational and neutral perspective so that the videos are convincing even to the most pessimistic people.

Take A Numbered Approach

Although you have the best intentions in mind while creating a motivational video, the fact is your content may seem overwhelming to some people. You need to break it up for them and present the video in an acceptable format. While doing so, consider the age, maturity, sex, and other demographics of your target audience and plan accordingly.

Giving step-by-step motivational tips is an excellent example in this regard. Try to think of videos on topics like ‘X ways to change your sleep schedule’ ‘X benefits of waking up early’ etc. Having a quantifiable number makes it easier for individuals to plan the change that they want in their lives.

For videos featuring motivational subjects, the presentation is just as important as the content. This makes it important for you to chalk out the basic outline of the video before you venture into recording and editing. There are several video editing tools online and you can choose depending on your budget and editing needs.

The ideal situation is when you restrict the length of your inspirational video to a few minutes so that the audience remains interested. As you venture into motivational digital content, you will learn the finer nuances of this art. The experience improves your skill and this reflects on the reach of your videos.

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